The Esteemed Business Card

You do top-of-the-line work, your clients are always happy with the results, but for some reason you are struggling with obtaining job opportunities. A quick and inexpensive opportunity to impress potential employers or clients is with a memorable business card.
Business cards can improve your success by:

  • Giving you a professional look
  • Showing that you are serious about your career
  • Getting your information out (they can’t call you if they don’t have your number)

You’re Looking Slick
So you’re looking slick at your potential client meeting. You have on your best business suit, just got a fresh cut hair cut, and are feeling confident. The meeting went great! You didn’t miss a beat. The client seems very interested and asks for your email address…
Uh oh! You don’t have a business card so you pull out a pen and write it on a napkin (The coffee stained napkin business card; very attractive).The chances on a client losing your “napkin business card” or accidently throwing it away are almost guaranteed. Not only did your confidence just drop, the potential client doesn’t have your information anymore (although he/she probably isn’t very interested anymore anyways).

You Should Have Brought a Business Card
Business cards are easy to design and print. Everyone can make them at home, using their printer, and it doesn’t take any longer than the time it took you to write your address on the napkin. But even then, you don’t want to have a generic card like everyone else does, after all your work is 10 times better than theirs.
Plastic business cards are the best way to go. With plastic your business cards will:

  • Last forever! (no matter how many times your client sends his wallet through the washing machine)
  • Impress! (give your client a business card with slick graphics and a glossy finish, set back, and watch them be in awe)
  • Be remembered! (a ‘credit card style’ business card will definitely stand out with the pile of other peoples paper cards)

Yes, Plastic business cards are more expensive, but this is not somewhere that you want to be cheap. If you want to cut back on spending, how about not using the whole hair gel bottle every morning.

Look at You!
Since you broke down and spent the extra cash to buy your professional plastic business cards, things are looking up. Clients are now seeing you in a different light as the professional business man (or woman) that you are. Remember the hardest part is getting the job, so don’t be cheap.

Adam Conner, Print and Marketing Expert
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  1. Poncho says

    Good reminder there, a simple business card can sit in someone’s wallet for months but when they need your services your details are right there at their fingertips, so you might reap the benefits of the business card for months or even years into the future.

  2. Lorigh says

    I would add that the more colorful and distinctive the business card, the better. There are many online business card publishers that can help you build a business card that will look fantastic for your clients.

  3. SaraD says

    I have always had a fondness for business cards. I can’t imagine being without them for just the reason you outline….to avoid that awkward moment in which you reach for a napkin! Yes, totally unprofessional. You really can’t network offline without business cards.

    Business cards are perfect for offline marketing, too. It is yet another way to get the Web site address out there along with the individual’s phone number and other credentials. They are perfect for posting on bulletin boards which are still important to people in some communities and locals.

    I had not thought about a plastic business card. That’s something I will look into.

  4. Michael says

    Yes, plastic business cards are way better than classic ones because they can last a lifetime. It’s worth the money to invest in a couple hundred of these so you can make a great first impression.

    Spending time on the design is crucial as you want your business card to be memorable and stand out. People get cards every day and if it’s not something that they are interested in or is somewhat memorable, they just throw them away. You want to be memorable because you want people to be excited when they look at your business cards!


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