What Is Florist 2.0?

Florist Ecommerce Website


Your online sales and branding will rise to new heights with our Responsive websites built on the exclusive Florist 2.0 platform. Enjoy full freedom of control, powerful content publishing and an easy-to-use interface. Your creativity and imagination will be pushed to the limits with new features released almost every week!

As a Florist 2.0 member you enjoy:

  • A platform built for florists by a 5th generation florist and Professional SEO
  • Unrivaled control over products, images and options
  • SEO services from the Strider team
  • Fix monthly rate - no surprises at month-end,¬†absolutely¬†no per-order fees
  • Multi-streamed support: ticket, live chat or phone

Mobile Themes Are So 2010 ...

Why should your mobile customers suffer through a crippled mobile site? Why should you lose out on your branding, just because your web site provider thinks that a generic mobile is still a viable option?

Our Responsive web designs transform gracefully to adapt to whatever device the customer is using.

It's simple, really: One theme + One user experience = One solid brand

Choose Your Service

Because every florist is different, we have monthly options to suit every need. You know that online marketing and branding are essential components of becoming or remaining a successful business. Our plans offer SEO and a whole lot more, without the pointless cash-grab of per-order fees that do nothing but bleed money while returning no added value.

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