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  • Hey Helen, thanks for the reminder about an insert for Sec. Day next year. A little early perhaps, but MUCH appreciated! I tried to give you reputation points but was told I had to spread the love. MUWWAH!!
    Thanks, Linda! I probably never put my birthday info on here, plus I think he has his hands full!
    Hey! Happy Birthday Helen. Now how the heck did Ryan miss that? I hope you enjoyed it all, the carrot cake sounds fantastic.
    Thank you for the Cyclamen order going through FSN. It is being delivered today to Charles Schott as requested.

    Susan @ Hollyhocks Flowers in St. Louis, MO
    Well, it's an hour later for you than me! Just got done discussing undercover with hubby. He doesn't understand why I'm riled up. Hey, how's Dave doing? Nighty-night!
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