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Jun 23, 2014
    1. FANCIES
      just wondering, i looked at your web site & seen that you do not take orders over the web, i know you said you would rather talk in person to the customer but it has been my experience that alot of people like to order off the website, maybe it makes them feel like they are doing something special or it is late at night & the shops are closed. i am trying to break away from tf and 1800 flowers. my website is with tf & flower shop network. I run Visual Ticket as a pos in my shop & am trying to put together a different website with them. it's not done yet, what are your thoughts? Carol Fancies Flowers & Gifts Rapid City, SD
    2. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Hey Girl! I haven't been on FC in a while too. I see you moved the shop to Matthews, NC and changed the name. PM me and tell me all about it! Good luck in your new location.
    3. SpringCity
      Happy Birthday! :)
    4. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Wow, we are practically neighbors! We've got to get together soon! This week has been crazy though, prom stuff is keeping me busy and uBloom is in the home stretch of it's Design Master Contest. Maybe we can meet for lunch sometime!
    5. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Hey Girl, I haven't seen you post in a while...hope everything is O.K. Just was thinkin' about you!
    6. SpringCity
      Hey Lizi, just thought I'd stop in to say HI!
    7. thebloomcloset
      It was busy today, but it was a slowwwwwwwwwwwww week to say the least, I think everyone is saving up for the non tax weekend, but I may just be trying to come up with reasons!!! Talk to you soon....
    8. Flower1online
      Hey Lizi.
      Thank you very much for the welcome =]]
    9. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Hey Lizi, I live really close to the new Buford Rec Center. I'm right off of Dixie School Rd on a little gravel road called Happy Trail.....yes, Happy Trail, that is not a typo. LOL!!! People laugh whenever I tell them I live on Happy Trail. We aren't far from each other. Gotta hook up!
    10. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Hi Lizi, I live not too far from Suggie Bea's. I haven't gone in the store though. I haven't even gone into Elmo's! I need to get out more, huh?! LOL!
    11. njgraham
      Hi Lizi: I noticed you have a post about a vegetable casket piece you did. Do you have a photo of it? I'd love to see it. Check out mine in my gallery. I created it for a recent funeral. He was a gardener. Nancy
    12. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Hi Lizi,

      It was really a nice day for a wedding! Where was it at? Good to hear you survived the Mother's Day madness!
    13. NavyBrat
      Hi Lizi,

      Hope to get to know you better on FlowerChat!

    14. florapro
      Hi Lizi,

      Just wanted to stop by and say hello and it's nice to meet you. Thanks for your friendship and I look forward to getting to know you better.

      Best Wishes,
    15. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Hope you're gettin' some rest girl!
    16. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      What? You're NOT going home? That's like, totally insane! I wish I had known you needed help, I would have tried to free up my Saturday to come help you.
    17. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      OMG! You're still there? Hey, be really careful going home. My daughter (who just got off work from Chic-fil-a) said the traffic was TERRIBLE!
    18. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Hey Lizi, I will come visit your shop sometime. I don't get to Pageland much (except to pay Lynches River ) but downtown is small and I think I can find Maple St. It's so total cool how be both live in Lancaster! I have lived here for 2 years but I lived here before from '95 - 2000. I was a children's pastor for Open Door Fellowship church. I'm a native Virginian and Lancaster is the only other place I've lived. My children are attending Buford Elem. and High. My daughter made the varsity cheering squad this year. It's sooo great to have another Lancasterian on flowerchat!
    19. crazy daisy
      crazy daisy
      Hi Lizi, You are just up the road from me. I live near Buford High School and just around the corner from Buford crossroads. I can't believe we are so close! Is your shop in downtown Pageland? Do you live in Lancaster?
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    started working with flowers in 87, it is what I love to do. Can't imagine doing anything else. Married to Steve for 34 yrs.and we work together daily at the boutique. My parents raised me to believe that if something is worth doing it is worth doing right!!!

    We have , 3 children -Charlie, Petey, Katie. Yes, I know they are dogs, but were dog people. Love my babies.

    reading, writting, drawing, gardening and love my horses and my babies!!!


    Do what you like, like what you do! :flowerfac