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Jan 19, 2014
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If you’re short on time (if, hah!) but like to stay in the know, check out Flipboard. This mobile app lets you focus on news you really care about by asking for your favorite social networks, publications and topics, which then appear in collections you can, well, flip through. A single tap on a headline takes you to the original article; hitting the back arrow brings you back to your personalized feed.

Within the past year, Flipboard has encouraged its users to dabble in the editorial field by creating their own magazine and sharing it with the public. Among those who took advantage of the opportunity: Brandon Kirkland, who runs EpicFlowers, an e-commerce advisory company, and Enchanted Florist in Ashland, Ore. About five months ago, he launched the Floralzine, a compilation of floral trends, design tips and best business practices to keep busy florists informed.

We caught up Kirkland to learn more about his latest project.

KH: How would you describe the Floralzine?

BK: It’s basically an aggregation of the best floral blogs I’ve found. I select about 10 of my favorite posts from about 15 of my favorite blogs and add it to the Floralzine each week.

KH: What inspired you?

BK: About 10 years ago, I had made a running list of what I considered the nicest floral websites. Then I moved on to blogs, which are much richer in content. I bookmarked them so I could read them regularly, but found even that was a pain to click on each individual link. I wanted to read new posts all in one place. For a long time, I did that with Google Reader, but then it got shut down, so I needed an alternative. I’m glad that happened because it forced me to evolve and find something better, which I did with Flipboard.

KH: Why do you prefer Flipboard?

BK: For one, it’s extremely user friendly. It’s also very popular, especially with Android devices. It’s preloaded on Galaxy phones and Samsung products. And it’s pretty. You don’t just see a blog title you have to click on; you get an image, which, in our industry, tends to beautiful, and some teaser copy. It’s fun to browse on the go.

KH: Was it difficult to pick a title?

BK: Not at all. I said what it was, a floral magazine, and those words blended together deliciously, like chocolate and peanut butter. [Editorial aside: If you want to learn about selling artisanal chocolates, Kirkland’s your man!]

KH: What’s your objective with the Floralzine?

BK: Sharing information. This is really just one of my nerdy floral hobbies. And I figured, if it’s useful for me, it could help other florists. Plus it’s fun to be the first digital magazine in the industry. It definitely seems like that’s the direction media consumption is heading. I bet, in 10 years, few people will be reading their magazines in print anymore.

KH: So florists are your intended audience?

BK: Pretty much. I haven’t promoted it with my retail customers yet, but I might, because a lot of the articles would interest them too. And wedding planners and event designers would be others who could benefit from the Floralzine. Right now, we have about 400 subscribers. Most are EpicFlowers clients, but some are just flower enthusiasts who found it on their own by searching “floral” on Flipboard.

KH: Any goals advancing the Floralzine?

BK: There’s no specific end goal, but I would like to make a printed book with the best posts of the year, which I could sell and then give a cut to my bloggers. I haven’t figured out how to do it yet, but that’s something I’d like to do.

KH: Can florists submit their blogs to you for possible inclusion?

BK: Of course! Email [email protected].
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