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Oct 10, 2017
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]on Australian Designer Mark Pampling Since I have started to learn floristry course at local TAFE, I came to know Mark Pampling’s work. I think he was born into this floristry world. Whenever I see his work, I can feel his sensory pleasures of working with flowers and organic materials. He presents a new artistic world of unfamiliar thing with everyday familiar materials. Through his simple work techniques of cutting, binding, laying of organic forms and lines, everyday trivial materials like chicken wires, grasses, wood sticks are incorporated into an artistic structure which takes my whole mind and make me quietly concentrate on his work for a while. His linear and technique -based art structure can be considered as a book of philosophy. He strongly push the boundary of possibilities into an ephemeral atmosphere. He doesn’t use luxurious tools, he just uses his scissors, secateurs, knife to experiment horticultural materials. Mark Pampling makes me open my eyes and mind for the appreciation of nature world.[/th]
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