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Florist 2.0 is designed by a professional SEO agency for the best performance in search and sales. Powerful and beautiful ecommerce backed by top-notch online marketing service.

Unmatched Features

Custom Design

Template websites are for average florists. Stand out from the pack with a site designed for you – with the same level of care you use when you design for your clients. Hybrid Designs are a customizable fit for smaller budgets.

Plays Well with Others

Your website is the face of your company, but the POS system is the heart. Fortunately, Florist 2.0 integrates nicely with systems from FTD, Teleflora, FloristWare, MAS, FAS, The Floral POS and more.

No Per-Order Fee

You work hard for your orders! Why should you give up your hard-earned profits to your web company? Some take as much as $4 per order, others up to 20%. Keep your profits in your pocket with our flat rate service plans.

Built By Florists

Florist 2.0 is built by a 5th generation florist, and improved year after year through the input of the members of the Florist 2.0 family. Join us if you want to work with a web company that listens to you.

Unlimited Control

Need more pages? No problem. Galleries? We have lots of options. Images? Video? Audio? Easy-peasy! Want to build some custom forms for brides and events? We’ve got those too. And all in a lovely user-friendly visual editing interface.

Custom-Built For Florists

We’re not selling iPod and Nikes, we are selling custom-made gifts that need to be delivered at the right time. Off the shelf ecommerce solutions don’t fit – so don’t limit yourself with a website built for traditional retail.

Built By SEOs

Strider has been helping small business clients with internet marketing for over 20 years. It’s like having an elite architect build your store – don’t settle for less than professional service and marketing tools.

Responsive Design

More and more customers are using mobile devices, so your website needs to be mobile friendly. We’ve been building mobile sites with Responsive Design since 2011. That’s 3 years before any other florist sites.

Includes Images from uBloom

Florist 2.0 websites support all kinds of products! Wire service images, 3rd party catalogues, and – of course! – your own images. To help you out we include some stunning arrangements created by J Schwanke of uBloom.


Already have a website you love? Let us help by bringing more traffic your way. The Florist 2.0 team are experts in various forms of online marketing, including SEO, PPC, Social Media, and Email Marketing. Strider is even a Google Partner agency!

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