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Welcome to the Florist SEO Blog by Florist 2.0, a service of Strider Search Marketing. Strider is a professional online marketing firm serving small businesses in four continents, and is a Google Engage Agency and Google Apps reseller.

Florist 2.0Florist 2.0 is a specialized ecommerce service for florists that combines leading-edge Responsive Design, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click and Social Media management on a user-friendly ecommerce platform built specifically for retail florists.

Ryan Freeman
Ryan Freeman

The Florist SEO blog is edited by Ryan Freeman, a 5th-generation florist and certified SEO and Google AdWords partner. In 2002 Ryan founded FlowerChat.com, the world’s largest online community for florists. Ryan is a popular speaker and educator at florist events and conferences across North America.

5 thoughts on “Who Are We”

  1. Looking to start a website for weddings in addtion to our above teleflora webs site.
    1. source of photos and design are issues
    2. Also – tried SEO campaigns with a friend who works for a major retailer and does this – no clicks!!
    3. looking for a person or vendor to work with tat has knowledge and has my trust – got burned on yellowpages directory and pay for click programs

  2. This blog is very helpful, not only to other florists, but those who are also starting small in any industry.

  3. This is a great blog and I have found its information to be helpful across all businesses, I am an herbalist so I work with flowers as well. I love how informative your posts are because going into business for myself has been a bit more difficult than I had imagined. Thanks for all the information! 🙂

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