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    1. NavyBrat

      Oooh! I love a hard working man! If you own a business, I think you work 24/7/365! I even dream about the flower shop! Here's how you get to the chat room: Go to Quick Links and then click on flashchat. Hope to chat with you soon! We have some crazy times in flashchat...if you're online on Wednesday night-that's when we tend to jump in there and get crazy! Well...not everyone is crazy, but I try my best to make them lose their minds! Later!

      Di XO
    2. NavyBrat

      Hi Anthony,

      Just visiting your page to say hello! I see you have visited my crazy page! Did you ever figure out how to go to flashchat? Hope to get a chance to chat with you some time. I don't know anyone from Kentucky! I do! Catch ya around...


      Next time you visit my page...leave me a message!
    3. Jon Miller
      Jon Miller
      This is easy for me, DO NOT HIRE HER. What you describe as her behavior is likely to repeat. Also, friends, neighbors, relatives often add personal relationship dimensions that get in the way of being straight forward with what should be a honest working relationship.
      Good Luck.
      My problem this week is I need to hire another part-time designer. I have one that we have worked together for 25 years and are taste and designing is almost the same. I tend to be a perfectionist and I feel my customers expect that from my shop. My friend/neighbor ask if she could work for me two days a week during the holidays, here's the problem. She worked for me three years ago and got mad and walked out the Saturday before Valentines Day. Feelings were hurt and we didn't speak for a year. She works for a shop 15 miles from the shop I manage and her design abilities are not up to my shops standards. Do I hire her and train and teach her or do I just tell her it won't work out? She and her family are my second family, so I don't won't to lose that again. I'm anxiously waiting to hear for you. Thanks and have a blessed week!
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