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  • Audra,

    Wishing you a very happy birthday! Celebrate you today...and soar high!

    Di XO
    Audra is my real name, I've heard that it can be Lithuanian but I'm of Irish/Welsh/English extract - it's a variant of Audrey.
    Hi Audra,sorry for being so nosy,is this your real name or just a nick name, each time it catches my eye,because we got Lithuanian name Audra -Storm,like mine is Ausra -Dawn
    Thanks for the great post about Moms. Nice little pick-me-up for this mom trying to be everywhere at once this week! Have a great day! :)

    Hi Audra,

    Can't believe I missed the thread wishing you a happy birthday! Hope your special day was rockin'! Even though my birthday wish is belated, it it sent with heartfelt wishes! Hope the year ahead brings you every happiness!

    I studied medieval Ireland in university, May Day was quite common, the practice today in Ireland seems to be limited to County Limerick where some of the older traditions remain.
    Hiya from Ireland just wondering where you got the information about May 1st or whats the connection ?Interesting to hear about the customs other places.
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