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  • With all of the new forums and face book groups popping up its getting much harder to follow what is going on with everyone. I really wish we could of figured out a way to keep one forum strong but it seems that the introduction of a "small fee" has sent the group of florist in all directions and its really sad.

    This is the problem with florist in general and I find myself posting less and less because it’s so confusing and it seems like nothing can get done. No more straight answers and so little information is being shared. It’s almost like repeated information now days.

    It’s sad and I'm afraid that because things are so fractured within the community that things will never return to the way they once were.
    Lets make flowerchat something bigger.

    Support the new membership for this forum and lets see what we can all do together.
    Eric, thanks for liking the name. I am told it is a "juicy" search name! At the time that I was deciding on a name, it came about because of our floral vending machine, and I wanted a name for the now all-but-defunct phone book listing that would be first on the list.

    BTW, love your avatar, beautiful family!
    Hi Eric I would like to join the group please I have a facebook business page under Flowers for Special Days Thanks
    Hi Eric, I'd like to join this group. I'd love to learn how to use facebook to promote my business. I do have a fb page for my business, the enchanted florist asheville. thanks, Janet P Frye CFD
    Eric, many thanks for the invite to the face book group. It's really late here now, we have a large 09/09/09 wedding for tomorrow so been working late! Hope to have a good look round as soon as.
    Thanks Karen.
    Hi Eric S, I would like to join your Facebook group. I have a Facebook business page accessed by searching under Petals Floral Design. I am an Irish florist and I plan to get more involved in general, with my fellow florists. Thank you from Hydrangea in Cork, Ireland.
    Thanks for your support on the CNBC thread. If you want to talk privately, feel free to call me. I will more than likely be filing bankruptcy and pushing the reset button. I will be able to keep the shop and my home and start fresh. You can reach me on my cell 609-230-2225...anytime! Keeping the faith and hope alive for all small businesses!
    Di XO
    Hi Eric.. have been "off with the Fairies" a bit lately. Have joined the group - thanks for the push..!
    Facebook Group has been updated

    If you would like to join my group discussing ways to build business using Facebook let me know and I'll add you to the group. Also you should have a Facebook store page so please post your store page.
    Hey everyone. If you have a facebook Store Page and are looking for a great way to bounce ideas and learn from each other. Send me a PM to join our Facebook group on flowerchat.
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