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    1. Jan 25, 2012 AN4Y
      Hi all. Very new to this. I just need some good advice.
    2. Dec 28, 2011 FANCIES
      Hi Jenifer, I bought some Heart roses also. I was wondering how long did your roses last? Carol
    3. Nov 5, 2010 Kristine

      I saw your facebook pic of your stained glass window treatment. would you be will to share how you did them. My store has 4 yep, 4 huge 4X8 windows, they have no depth, face a road where traffic is zooming along so it doesn't work to do small vignettes. We tend to do big or lighted items that can be identified in a quick glance.

      I am always looking for something different and that stained glass look may be the ticket.

    4. Jul 19, 2009 AdvanPam
      wow we used to have a blast there. Your right if he does just be careful you never know what people will do. True fact of it is that we still love what we do and I wouldn't change it. I miss designing and being creative but I still get to design if the family needs something. Nice chatting stay safe >:O) Pam
    5. Jul 19, 2009 AdvanPam
      Sorry Jenifer I ment, not Theresa
    6. Jul 19, 2009 AdvanPam
      Hi Teresa,
      I was born in Illinios, and spent allot of time in Indiana at the dunnes. Believe it when I say that the ones you don't think would pay you are the ones that don't. I had a very good freind (so I thought) that had a shop and he was supposed to pay the balance off when he sold it (10,000.00). When I went to get my check at his house his partner stuck a 9mm in my face and threatened to blow my brains out. It is now in the courts and he is looking at 5 years in prison. I still have not recieved the money and he sold his business for $60,000. Wow crazy as it may sound its flowers and I almost lost my life for them. Good luck with all your dead beats but take it from me, be careful. Pam
    7. Mar 22, 2009 KABERS
      hi teresa, I love the stuff from new creative but just heard they were bought out by evergreen. I don't know if thats a good thing or not but we sell a lot of the stepping stones and angels in our funeral work.
    8. Mar 22, 2009 Iris Eyes
      Iris Eyes
      I am thinking of trying birdhouses ,birdfeeders etc for this year but cant find a decent supplier in Ireland or the UK .Just wondering where do you source your stuff ?
      I know they might'nt ship but I can get ideas anyway ,
      Thanks Teresa
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    i've owned the shop for 19 yr.s but been in the business for 27 yrs.

    i love a good mystery book