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Enjoying the layout and speed of the new FC! Jun 19, 2013

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    1. anytimeflowers
      Hi Ryan, I can't figure out how to PM you ~ sorry. I am getting a message on Zendesk that I have to change my password. I cannot navigate at all, it just stays on that page. Unfortunately, I have no idea what my password might be in order to change to a new one.

    2. jordan
      Hey Ryan, you were commenting on my post about the acquisition of a recently closed shops domain and phone #. I assume you are super busy like the rest of us, but I would love to bounce a few things off you if you had the time. I see value here and don't want to lose a good opportunity if it's available.

      Palm Springs Florist
    3. SteveG
      Seems very good I will have a look round and a play with a few ideas I have.

      Many thanks

    4. theRKF
      Enjoying the layout and speed of the new FC!
    5. Mikey the Flower Guy
      Mikey the Flower Guy
      still no luck with uploading images...just tried again...Mikey
    6. BobbiR
      Double charged again Ryan--I know it is my bad--can you credit and help me cancel the second subscription?
      Thanks, Bobbi
    7. steve
      Ryan I tried to renew my subscription this morning but I did not see an option for a credit card and I don't have a pal pal account?
    8. CarverFlowers
      Sorry, Ryan. I went to Advanced Search, but I don't see anywhere to select User. I see a place for keywords, but not specifically for Users.
    9. CarverFlowers
      Ryan, I need to send a florist to florist order to Australia. We have members of Flower Chat from there, right? How do I find them?
    10. Tuberose
      Is there anyway I can disable it? Getting kind of tired of stopping and restarting the load of the webpage, happens all the time.
    11. Tuberose
      Ryan, I've been having trouble getting the pages to load here at Flowerchat in Mozilla, was wondering if you can advise me. At the bottom it just reads "Read" and never loads, if I stop it from loading and then hit the reload button again, it will work. I've updated Mozilla, but that didn't help, IE works just fine, but I like Mozilla.

    12. bigvic
      Question, do you do web sites for Funeral Homes. ours has one hosted by Expression Tributes that links to "Expression Flowers" aka Green With Ivy. They have a free or low cost site with their florist as the "send to" florist. They even promise a commission to the FH. My thought is to sponsor a web site for them with us as the preferred florist. It would be local to local.

      Your job, would be to market this service to the florist to sell to the funeral homes, it would be very popular especially in the medium to large markets. We could even pay a commission with the business it would generate. It should be an easy sell to the florist as they would only have to get $200-300 per month at 100% instead of 73% to pay for ($50-80 a month). Just an idea I have. Give me a call if you want to discuss.
    13. rsef

      My account is under 'Thea Daniel.' I was married on Jan. 1. Can you please change it to show 'Althea Wiles.'

    14. eventsetcandflowers
      Ryan. I thought I had purchased a 2.0 Website.... I have not heard anything since I faxed over the paperwork...I really nned to get the online prescense up and going as I am trying to get it connected to my other website...we have a fine dining restaureant and we offer catering and a venue along next to the flower shop...the domain name I purchased is My email address to email me is really think you have done a great job in flower chat...looking forward to being around in here...I also had a previous account on here under Tina marie's House of Flowers...I need to cancel that account if possible..Thank you ...
    15. Palms
      ryan can you send me your number so i can give you a quick ring pls
    16. Mikey the Flower Guy
      Mikey the Flower Guy
      we have a new grandson...born 1 hour ago, in Calgary!!....I'm nearly in tears, so happy!!...I hope the same exciting news for you and Jan soon!...:)
    17. kaub

      As i mentioned in my first post i am new to FC. So far I am not impressed with the responses I received from a thread i posted.

      For a $100 membership i was expecting to get more of a professional reply than the dribble that went back and forth on the post. i am not a computer/tech nerd. I look to others to help in this area. I am currently in the process of terminating my membership with Teleflora and am having a new website designed thru and have established new credit card processing. I am still trying to see if it will be possible to use my existing pos system? or switch to another software/program that will. Not another wire service though.

      If this is not in the right area of posting for this kind of help... could you please help direct it to the area it needs to be, so i can hopefully get some help or serious recommendations.

      Thank you

      kevin aubrey
    18. kaub
      it was recommended that you would be able to help me with connecting my new credit card processor with my existing Dove Pos system. i am new to FC, so i am not sure how all this works. i posted a thread under wire services section.
    19. rsef
      Is it hard to install and customize? I use Dreamweaver and host on GoDaddy. I can muddle through HTML but can't write from scratch. Oh, and how much does the 'per incident' support cost?
    20. VJD
      Have I said "Thank you" lately? Valerie (in New hamoshire)
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