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    A letter from Ramiro Peñaherrera of Flowers For Kids
    Dear Memorial Day Flowers Florist,

    Thank you for your interest in participating in Memorial Day Flowers 2012; a program that honors those who have served and protected our nation.

    Attached is the Memorial Day Flowers sign-up sheet. The form should take no more than 30 minutes to fill out and helps us to coordinate and assign the most appropriate farm to sponsor your roses.

    After we receive your sign up sheet we will send you all set up information and any letters you request.

    Also attached is the artwork for the Memorial Day Flowers official florist logo. Please feel free to add the official florist logo to your website, store front and email signature.

    A week prior to the event you will receive 400 roses, a Memorial Day banner, and 200 handouts from your sponsoring farm, in addition to store-front stickers*. You will also get letter templates to send out to your congressman, state representative and local media.

    This April will be up and running. Please send us your company logo along with a short description of your business to place on your personalized page. Each personalized page will show your participation in the event as well as promote your business. Please remember to take photos throughout Memorial Day so that we may post them on the page.

    Congratulations and thank you for becoming an official Memorial Day florist. Please reply to info[MENTION=2948]Memo[/MENTION] to confirm you have received this email.


    Kevin Clifford Ramiro Penaherrera
    Delaware Valley Floral Group Flowers For Kids

    * If you would like more roses each additional full box of 400 roses costs $200. This includes freight. Box contains additional banner and 200 handouts. We suggest that you enlist other businesses to sponsor the roses. All sponsors will have space on your page at

    50x18mm.jpg MDF Florist Official Logo_2012.jpg View attachment Florist sign up Sheet-2-2.pdf
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