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Watch Consumers Make Bouquets for Women’s Day

The Floral Design Institute in Portland, Oregon will host people from the local community Tuesday, March 8, in a special bouquet-making class for Women’s Day.

Women's Day

“The bouquet will leave with the makers,” said director Leanne Kesler, AIFD, PFCI. “The plan is that they’ll keep one for themselves and share the other with a woman in their life.”

Leading the class with be FDI graduates and students. The class will be broadcast live on Periscope. (Check it out @FlowerSchool.) Kesler will also post the video on The Floral Design Institute’s Facebook page.

The flower school is among many industry professionals promoting National Women’s Day, a holiday that’s been around for more than a century, but until recently, has been primarily a European celebration.

“I think the US and Canada are ready for this holiday,” Kesler said. “This gives people a chance to recognize all women that they admire, respect and have been touched by during their lives. Mother’s Day, by contrast, is more limiting. It can even be offensive to some to be recognized and they are not the classic definition of a mother.”

As the director of the school, Kesler said she feels “a responsibility to set positive examples” with flowers and marketing to the public. “This will hopefully encourage (our students and graduates) to try it next year at their own shops.”


Are you celebrating Women’s Day in your shop? Tell us how!


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