Shopping mall ideas

Get Merchandising Ideas From Shopping Malls

Back to school shopping this weekend?

Take time to study windows and displays at the mall to gather ideas for the coming months. Do you see recurring colors, patterns or themes? Which ones attract you–make you want whatever they’re selling?

Shopping mall ideas

A few years ago, I listened to a FloralStrategies webinar Tim Huckabee hosted with Gregory Nato, a visual merchandising expert who’s created displays for brands such as Ralph Lauren, Macy’s, DKNY, Waterford Wedgwood and Victoria’s Secret. The duo advised turning shopping trips into an opportunities to improve your displays.

It’s not just about finding inspiration, either. Nato recommended that florists introduce themselves to store managers and compliment their windows. The people who put the displays together might have a Saturday or evening to spare when they can decorate your shop for a small fee. Some sales associates will even give some retailers pieces from their old window displays rather than throw them away. (Many big brands change their windows monthly.)

So next time you head to the mall, make sure you bring an inquisitive mind and some business cards!