Big Fat Fake Wedding Captivates Couples

Seeing is believing.

In Gainesville, Florida, a barbecue company wanted to expand its wedding business, but found the message, “We cater–and do more than just BBQ,” wasn’t catching on. So they decided to host a mock wedding to show newly engaged couples just what they could do.



The company asked one of each typical wedding vendor to help pull off the December 9 festivities, which were attended by roughly 15 couples.

“The quantity of couples was not as large as some vendors would have liked,” said Betsy Garden, owner of The Plant Shoppe Florist. “But I believe quality is better than quantity, which is what happens at most bridal shows.”

15388737_10154703699095930_868237934_oThe evening went through the motions of a real wedding, which helped couples truly envision their big day. The participating vendors also set up information tables so couples could learn more during the reception. 15410007_10154703698590930_2092624616_o

The event was entirely free for couples and vendors’ only expenses were their time (and, if applicable, product). Garden didn’t have to compete with other florists or deal with moms and daughters out for a day of ogling pretty things and price shopping. “There were a few glitches, since it was a first time thing,” Garden said. “But overall, it was a really fun way for everyone to showcase their talents and get to know prospective clients.”

With engagement season upon us, why not band with your favorite wedding vendors and discuss trying this in your own community?