Texas Florist to Pardon Biggest Bonehead

Brad Weinstein, owner of Petals & Stems, is coaxing Dallas men to confess their dumbest relationship blunders for the chance to win an over-the-top Valentine’s gift.

Weinstein says his “Get Out of the Doghouse Contest” is a riff on the American Floral Marketing Council’s “How Mad is She?” campaign, which has gone viral in recent years.

“Over the years, I’ve had lots of guys come in the shop and tell me, ‘I’m in trouble.’ Usually, they weren’t paying attention to their wife or they forgot something important,” Weinstein said. “So we know there are plenty of people eligible!”

To enter, guys have until the end of February 9 to divulge on the Petals & Stems Facebook page their biggest face-palm moments that have landed in the dog house. Judges will pick their favorite, and on February 10, the winner will receive two dozen red roses, a custom pink arrangement that’s more than 4-feet tall, and a $100 gift certificate to a local restaurant.

“Ideally, we’ll have a reporter ride along to broadcast the delivery on the news,” Weinstein said. “If not, we work with a PR company that will film it and blast it online.”

Weinstein launched the contest on Wednesday, Jan. 18, on Facebook. He hopes the contest will remind customers that Valentine’s Day is approaching, without hitting them over the head with a hard sell.

“Everyone, from department stores to local businesses, send a ton of emails with the ‘Buy now!’ message during holidays. I like doing things a little differently,” Weinstein said. “This contest is about eliciting some chuckles with goofy stories and engaging with customers to build relationships, so when they think about flowers, Petals & Stems is the name that comes to mind.”