Battle of the Flower Designers Championship

Please vote for your favorite flower arrangement and designer between these two entries:

Belvedere Flowers – Philadelphia and Havertown PA


Avante Gardens Florist – Anaheim CA

Read more about Belvedere Flowers’ design process for the championship finale arrangement.

Read Avante Gardens Florist blog about creating their finale floral design.

Voting is open from April 10 – April 15  (midnight EDT) , 2010

7 thoughts on “Battle of the Flower Designers Championship”

  1. Beyond breaking the rules and being different in design there must be the element of beauty and grace in line shape and silhouette, and in doing so the observer and recipient of the arrangement has the rare opportunity to see a glimpse of the designer’s soul. Avante Gardens continues to reveal their hearts and it is so beautiful to see as we watch them create their own personal style of flower dance
    “defying gravity”.

  2. The base portion of Belvedere Flowers was nice, but they lost me with the rest. It would have helped if Belvedere Flowers had provided some explanation on the concept. The sculpture reminded me of an abstract human skeleton. Should have gone with the steps of the Philly Art Museum or a floral cheesesteak sandwich! In any event, I loved the hanging tropical floral arrangement from Avant Gardens. (Plus I’m a huge fan of Wicked.) Well done!

  3. Bevledere Flowers, Avant Gardens lets see who will it be.
    This is a no brainer. If YOU have a heart and eyes you will see the beauty and experience the serene peaceful energy this piece of art gives to you.
    An absolute exquisite creation.

  4. The gravity defying elements we see in the Avante Gardens entry are, in my opinion, a view into the doorway of the future where the definition of conventionality will need expand to keep pace with innovation of the human mind. No design limets can move ahead and evolve without breaking the rules.

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