Local Florists Offer Mother’s Day Flowers Tips & Advice

A growing number of local florists have become active bloggers in recent years.  Mind you, we’re nowhere as great in numbers nor as prolific as the Mom bloggers targeted by 1-800-Flowers this Mother’s Day, but we’re working hard on the local level to share news, tips and advice about buying flowers and striving to make independent local shops the preferred source for fresh bouquets and gifts.

Bloggers Share Mother’s Day Flowers Ideas

Adam from Belvedere Flowers in the Philadalphia Metro area is featuring a unique fresh flower purse

in his blog and you can see it being modeled by his real Mom, Eileen, on this video. Betcha Adam won’t forget to create something special for her this holiday either. 🙂

Robin from Spring City Flowers in New Berlin, WI (Milwaukee Metro Area) blogged about some gift suggestions and ideas for Mom, like this vibrant signature design

– and she also reminded readers to give Mothers the most important gift:  Time.

Take a class together. Floral wreaths, card-making, herb gardens, jewelry… there are so many ways to get together and spend time with your Mom, doing something fun and learning a new skill while you’re at it.

Chez Bloom from St. Louis Park, MN (Minneapolis Metro Area) previewed one of their couture floral designs – Raspberry Sorbet – 

in a sneak peek of their original Mother’s Day holiday offerings and announced the company has joined the BBrooks consortium of fine florists.

Dianne at Richardson’s Flowers in Medford NJ invited customers to register to win free flowers for their Moms for a year! Her blog post also includes some fun facts like

The ancient Greeks celebrated Mother’s Day in spring, like we do. They used to honor Rhea, “mother of the gods” with honey-cakes and fine drinks and flowers at dawn. Sounds like the beginnings of the Mother’s Day tradition of breakfast in bed!

Eric from Everyday Flowers in Tustin, CA has a terrific post about avoiding flower middleman and explains why consumers should shop at their local florists this Mother’s Day.

On my own shop’s blog, I talked about how much the flowers preferred by Orange County Moms for Mother’s Day have changed over the last 25 years since  Avante Gardens Florist in Anaheim is celebrating 2 1/2 decades in business in 2009.

Technology has made communicating with Mom faster and easier than ever before, but text messaging or tweeting Mom on her special day is no substitute  for real face time – and flowers.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day and remember, like Sher from Flowers from the Rainflorist said in a recent blog post:

For every $ 100 dollars spent in an independant store…$ 68.00 is returned to the community through payroll, taxes and other expenditures. If you spend that in a National chain store, only $ 43.00 stays in the community. Now, for all you online shoppers….guess what? Shopping online brings  $ 0.00 back into your community…yes zero! Think of the times you buy flowers from a large order gather or middleman service…now more than ever you have a reason to establish a good relationship with your local hometown florist. And using a local flowers shop’s website, still keeps money in your community.

So shop local, get real grower fresh flowers and save real dollars by choosing a real local florist this Mother’s Day.

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  1. We are so fed up with 1800flowers, Ftd and more. What are these businesses doing to the floral industry?! How can we stop them from destroying it for everyone? We’re trying to warn consumers on our Blog, but We don’t know that it matters all that much.. It’s very difficult to put in simple terms for un-informed consumers, we’re afraid of confusing them further. Is there any one webpage that would best describe what going on for consumers??? read our blog http://flowershopmn.wordpress.com/2009/05/04/5-questions-for-a-florist-for-our-flower-shop-friends-everywhere/ Let us know what you think. Thanks, Main Floral Anoka, MN

    1. marie g bushnell

      To Flowers in the Rainforest,

      Your info about how many $ going back to the community was really interesting. I know there are many negative comments about the wire services, namely the two you mentioned, but we have to remember, they are a business and trying to stay in business. Please don’t interpret this the wrong way, because I don’t want another business taking from my sales. But these other businessess could be the 5 local flower shops in my area
      Each of us in the floral business needs to find our niche and of course if you do not have a membership with one of the wire services, your going to loose sales, which leads to loss of advertising. I have FSN and they are reasonable and have come up the ranks. I couldn’t afford the others you referred to, since i do my own advertising.
      Thanks again for that info.
      Flowers by Marie

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