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  • I AM BACK !!!!! Update: I am now at a fantastic florist in Paducah KY. The Rose Garden is a fantastic shop and I am loving it there.
    Thank you!
    I was pretty nervous because I am new here & don't want to tick anyone off... and I really wanted to say that the other day - but I talked myself out of it.
    I really do enjoy being on FlowerShat and have found just about everything on here to be helpful.
    I appreciate the comment... so again, thanks!
    Hey Sexy!
    It's been a long time! I think about you often! I would like to seek your creative genius in helping me create a very special arrangement for my boyfriend. I need to incorporate bananas in the design! LOL! Yeah...don't go there! Maybe some peaches, too! We have this fruit fantasy going down! Anyway...can you send me your number and we can chat soon? Hope you are well and happy! I just paid my membership fee and hope to become active again. I took a break from FC, but I plan to return crazier than ever! Send me a message, babe! Cya!
    Di XO
    Just wanted to say thanks RIck for your response in the pos thread, i tried to hit the thanks button but it would not let me. I really appreciated that input actually xx
    Hey Rick, just to let you know that i am thinking about you from over here. I would say that losing your mum is the biggest thing ever. Would have loved to chat in chatroom with you but obviously time differences would not allow. Take care xx


    Congrats, babe! Wishing you every success in your new job! Now...whip your boss into shape! LOL! Best wishes, always!

    Luv ya,
    Di XO
    Thanks for the Hello! I have been busy.. Good for biz... bad for the FC time I need! AIFD is this week right? U going?

    LOL! It's always about sex with me! I need counseling! Hope you blew out all those candles, babe! Rock your 46th year of life!

    Luv ya bunches,
    Di XO
    Ricky, I just talked with the Skies REstaurant and they will seat as many as we need. I told him approximately 20 people at this time. Their openings are at 6:00 and 7:30. I said 6:30 would be best so they can go where they want afterwards.

    It is on the 42nd floor and is an hour and a half rotation...but, we can stay as long as we want. She is sending a menu so I can check the pricing.

    Are you alright with me going ahead and posting the time and place on Flower chat, so I get the RSVP going?

    Carol Bice
    The SKIES Restaurant is at the top and is revolving giving a beautiful view of the city. The can seat approximately groups of 10 to 14 people together. I told them 6:30 and no smoking section. If that works for you, I will post it on Flower chat and they can send me an RSVP. It is probably a little pricey, but, they can order the minimum or just a drink if that's what they want to do. Let me know.
    Carol Bice
    Ricky, I talked with CAthy Rulloda and we both think that maybe Tuesday is the best time to get together for the Flower chat meeting. If that works for you and the rest, I will be glad to make reservations for that evening.

    Carol Bice
    I think you have a great idea just needs a little tweek or 2-I'm going to be up thinking about it!
    Hey old timer and fellow crab! Happy Birthday for monday!!! (mine was yesterday and 43)
    no...took me about 45 minutes to respond to you....trying things out..seeing if what we do works or not. so far still not working like before.~A
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