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  • Hi, Some time ago, 2008, I was here and you welcomed me. I'm back and now a "PRO". However I still a little lost. The compartments are so small, and filled with short, diconnected statements. It sounds like a Florist Facebook.
    Hi V, thanks for sending the info, my personal email address is [email protected].. thank you so much, i knew you would be the woman in the know. I remember talking to you about this when i first joined the site and i am finally doing something about it. :)
    Victoria, you have a beautiful way with words. Would you consider sending a letter also? Carol Bice
    Just popped in to send you a message but had to say i love that basket. I really need to get into this type of thing at the shop!
    Thank you for sharing that Victoria, you really are talented. But I can so see where you got your inspiration from. It looks so relaxing, somewhere you could really loose a few hours doing absolutely nothing. Stunning.
    Hi Victoria, just wanted to say I love the new photo on your avatar. Really looks beautiful, is it close to where you are?
    Hi Victoria, Thanks for the second Welcome. I apologise for lacking quick follow ups. My time is just not adaquate. Maybe I'll put together a string of photos, bouquets, etc and post them. It seems the floral pix's get a lot of views.

    Working hard at increasing the customer base during this down turn.

    Thanks again
    Hey V, cannot believe i have just noticed we are not friends, gotta fix that one lol xx
    Thanks for getting involved in the Dr. Abby letter. I really feel like if she prints one of our could make a difference in how people percieve "in lieu of flowers".
    Carol Bice
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