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Three Easy Words That Spell Stellar Service

With the holiday season only about a month away, it’s a fine time to assess your staff’s manners and make necessary tweaks before the onslaught of customers arrives.

To start, why not evaluate some of the biggest brands and try to mimic their strengths?


Earlier this month, QSR Magazine, a trade publication representing the fast casual dining industry, reported that Chick-fil-A has the distinction as the most polite chain in the restaurant business.

QSR’s annual Drive Thru Survey of 15 chains found that Chick-fil-A employees were the most likely to say “please” and “thank you,” and to smile at customers.

Such gestures may seem trivial in an industry that emphasizes speed and accuracy, but friendliness has helped the Atlanta-based franchise leave the competition in the dust. Last year, Chick-fil-A generated more revenue per restaurant than any other chain; its average sales per restaurant reached nearly $4 million. (By comparison, the average Kentucky Fried Chicken sold $1 million.)

Analysts credit Chick-fil-A’s success to its superior customer service. Employees’ cheerful disposition help drive higher sales per unit, allowing the restaurant to best chains that have more than twice as many locations.

Eager to increase sales? Make sure your staff’s vocabulary includes “please” and “thank you.” Click To Tweet

Eager to increase sales? Make sure your staff’s vocabulary includes “please” and “thank you.”

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