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Improving Brain Health and Creativity in 2019

When it comes to New Year’s resolutions, I’m typically very cliché. Like the masses, I always want to, well, “reduce in mass.” But at 22 weeks pregnant, I know weight loss is simply an absurd goal right now. Instead, I’m focusing on growing my brain. (And my baby — obviously.)

Attract millenials to flower shops

Experiences! How to Attract Millennials To Your Flower Shop

Millennials, the current cohort of 18-year-olds to 30-somethings, value experiences over physical things. This generation focuses its spending on travel, concerts, social events, and cultural programs. Millennials’ estimated income is more than $230 billion, representing 21% of all money earned in Canada alone. In 15 years, they’ll represent 75% of the labour force. It’s time to listen to their wants!

Psychological Triggers That Make People Like and Share Content

By now, you surely know that the goal of social media marketing is traffic. The more likes, comments, tags and shares you get, the better your brand’s visibility. You show up in more customers’ newsfeeds, which leads to even more traffic. “That creates a storm of Google-goodness and that gets you gets you ranked higher in …

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Let Us Give Thanks for Our Tribes

Thanksgiving, traditionally, is celebrated with family. But the sentiment of the holiday—gratitude—should not be reserved just for your flesh and blood, but spread around as much as possible. With only five weeks remaining in 2016, it’s a fine time to get introspective. Who has had your back this year? Who’s introduced you to new ideas and opportunities?