Attract millenials to flower shops

Experiences! How to Attract Millennials To Your Flower Shop

Millennials, the current cohort of 18-year-olds to 30-somethings, value experiences over physical things. This generation focuses its spending on travel, concerts, social events, and cultural programs. Millennials’ estimated income is more than $230 billion, representing 21% of all money earned in Canada alone. In 15 years, they’ll represent 75% of the labour force. It’s time to listen to their wants! Here are 3 ways you can appeal to millennials’ activity-centred mindset: 

Teach Them a New Skill

Put on a workshop that allows them to create something themselves. That’s an experience they’ll truly remember, as they’ll learn something and create something tangible. It could be one of the ideas we covered in our previous blog post on creating floral design classes. If those ideas don’t fit the millennials in your community, think about what would. Perhaps there is a big summer festival that attracts a lot of local young people each year? You could appeal to this crowd by putting on a “flower crown” workshop for the throngs of attendees who get all decked out in bohemian garb and accessories. Be sure to feature tunes from the artists and bands playing as background music during the class. LINK TO ‘INCREASE BUSINESS THROUGH DESIGN CLASSES’

Be Personal

We might be living in a digital age but that doesn’t mean people don’t appreciate a personal touch every now and then. This could be as simple as sending a “happy birthday” text with an exclusive discount code. Little touches like this create mini experiences that boost your brand in the eyes of millennials.

Offer an Unusual Service

You’ll need to really know your millennial customers to determine what sort of service they would value and use. One idea: create an app they can use to order flowers, see when the delivery will be, and set up reminders for special occasions. What about providing a monthly subscription service? Fresh flowers are a lovely luxury and something high-income millennials might like to have regularly without having to think about it. It would also make a lovely gift idea.

Abby Driver is a writer for Canadian Florist magazine.