Customers Tell The Real Story About Mother’s Day Satisfaction

The dust is settling after Mother’s Day week, which means this is the time when florists will be reflecting on and examining the week that just went by. Smart florists will be following the advice of guys like Tim Huckabee and Bill Schodowski who routinely preach having a prompt post-holiday staff meeting to discuss and compare notes while memories are fresh.

But navel-gazing can only get you so far. While a staff meeting will help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your organization, you are still missing an immensely valuable piece of the equation. Customer feedback – detailed customer feedback! That’s why this is a perfect time for our friends at ModernComment (who have created a fantastic customer review portal that attracts reviews like nothing I’ve ever seen) to unveil another fabulous feature – exportable reviews with contact info!

Let’s Review

First, let’s have a quick look at what ModernComment does:

  1. Customer receives a link to short “under 60 seconds” survey. Participation is rewarded through entry in a draw (prize provided by ModernComment).
  2. Customer completes the “Review Builder” survey, and the results are formatted into a rich review the customer can then edit, approve, publish, and share on social media.
  3. The reviews are published on a mobile- and desktop-friendly website with proper formatting that Google loves.
  4. The survey data is tabulated

What’s New & Relevant to Mother’s Day?

This probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard me sing the praises of ModernComment, so let me outline a little more why this is worth mentioning now.

There’s No Better Time To Get Reviews

With a condensed busy week of flower delivery you have a rare opportunity to gather a large number of reviews and testimonials from recent buyers. The week of Mother’s Day is one of the highest outputs of the year for us florists, so strike while the iron is hot and the customers are plentiful and happy with you.

Plus, if you’re on the fence about ModernComment you can try the service for 30 days, with no risk, no obligation, and no setup fee. Try it now to gather some Mother’s Day feedback, then see if you want to stay on longer.

There’s No Better Time To Get Business Intelligence

Remember what I just said about the busy week of Mother’s Day? Your staff and processes were probably pushed to the limit, so this is the best time to learn from your customers about how they feel you did. Was everything up to your expectation, from procurement to delivery? You can’t know unless you ask.

New Tools Help You Connect With Customers

Two newer features will help you benefit even more. First, released just before Mother’s Day, is the ability to share testimonials from your review site directly onto your business’s social media pages.

Share Reviews on Social Media
Share awesome reviews of your flower shop on your Social Media pages

Have a review that you love? Tweet it, share it, and Plus One it to the world! Show your awesomeness.

Secondly, ModernComment’s latest gift to us is the ability to download some or all of the testimonials – including the author’s name and email address.

Download Testimonials
Download some or all testimonials in 3 convenient formats.

Do you have questions about something mentioned in the review? Want to express gratitude for a favourable comment? How about a special promo offer for customers who have reviewed your business? ModernComment allows you to further grow and develop your relationships with current customers and turn them into brand evangelists. (Or, as Rick Rivers would say: “Turning your C customers into Bs, your B customers into As, and getting your As to generate more Cs!”)

Testimonial Spreadsheet
Use exported review data for marketing, publishing elsewhere, or to directly contact the reviewer.

With ModernComment’s fast and easy setup (personally assisted by a real human being!) you can be emailing your Mother’s Day customers in no time and generating a flood of authentic, brand-reinforcing, search-engine-pleasing testimonials. Try the no-obligation trial for 30 days and see how and why your customers love you!