Save the Date: Canadian Florist Business Forum is May 30

Make this Memorial Day an opportunity to better your business.

Canadian Florist, published by Florist 2.0 founder Ryan Freeman, will host its annual business forum May 30 at the new Universal EventSpace in Woodbridge, Ontario.

This one-day event will feature some of the industry’s most sought after speakers delivering tech, sales, marketing, and design advice to improve your efficiency and profitability.


The theme for 2016 is “Focus: Profits!” Each presenter will cover a segment of the marketing and fulfillment cycle: understanding the consumer, marketing to grow sales from new and current customers, making the most of every customer interaction, and delivering a floral design that is both profitable and distinct.

The panel includes:

  • Adam Jones, Account Executive at Google, who will deliver insights into the modern consumer mindset, and how shopping behaviour is changing due to immediate access to information.
  • Rick Rivers, aka “the Bootcamp guy,” owner of A Floral Boutique in Ormond Beach, Florida; author of “Blooming at the Top: 12 Strategies to Double Your Sales” and “No Fishing in My Pond”; and founder of Florist Bootcamp, who will share some blueprints to jumpstart your sales.
  • Tim Huckabee, a Canadian Florist and Floral Management columnist and founder of FloralStrategies, who will demonstrate how to communicate with customers to increase your average sales point, as well as customer satisfaction.

For the first time CFBF will be featuring an educational design program. The theme will be delivering profitable and stylish floral arrangements to set you apart from the competition.

This one-day educational event also comes with a hot breakfast.

To register, visit