Meet the 2018 Mayesh Design Star

The hunt is over. For seven years, Mayesh Wholesale Florist has hosted a contest to choose a designer to represent the brand, leading workshops and instructional videos, introducing retail florists across the country to new ways to use Mayesh products.

This year’s winner is Kaylee Young. She took a few minutes recently to catch up with Florist 2.0.

Kaylee Young has been designing flowers for seven years. Before starting her own business, Flourish by Kay in Portland, Oregon, three years ago, she studied with three floral designers recognized by Martha Stewart as America’s best.

Her work has appeared in Portland Bride & Groom magazine, Once Wed, Magnolia Rouge, Wedding Sparrow, Utah Bride magazine, among others.

F20: Tell us a little about your style?

 KY: I specialize in telling color stories through flowers, designing a wild and natural feeling (but still sculptural), and putting together large floral installations.

F20: What inspired you to enter the Design Star competition?

 KY: A friend on Instagram tagged me in one of Mayesh’s posts about the contest, and I got thinking about it, and thought, “Hey, why not just try?” So I did! I made a selfie video, explaining my qualification, a proposal for a daylong workshop, and my floral portfolio. Still, I was so nervous!

F20: What most excites you about this opportunity?

 KY: I am so excited to use all the beautiful Mayesh product, to travel, and to meet all the amazing florists around the country! I can’t wait to see all my ideas come together and to give people an amazing experience. Honestly, I’m excited for all of it! It’s going to be incredible. My first workshop—in Miami—is almost all finished. It is going to be insane! I am so excited, and can’t wait for people to get a peek into what all of the workshops are going to be like!

F20: What do you do when you’re off the clock?

 KY: When I’m not obsessing over flowers, I’m usually hanging out with my pug, Ruby, and my husband, Landon, while binging on pizza, diet coke, and Netflix!