Networking Lands Saskatchewan Florist on Province-Wide Blog

Just in time for the holiday rush and the start to engagement season, Saskatchewan florist Poppy Parsons, AIFD, CAFA, got some great free publicity—thanks to friendships she’s formed with vendors in her community.

Photo by Tara Funk, Random Eyesight Studio
Photo by Tara Funk, Random Eyesight Studio

Parsons’ designs appeared prominently on the blog, “Sask Ever After,” an influential source for people planning a wedding.

The opportunity came about because of Tara Funk of Random Eyesight Studio, the photographer contracted for the blog’s photo shoot. “She worked with me for a Valentine’s feature in Canadian Florist magazine a few years ago,” said Parsons, owner of Smart Flowers. “She loves flowers and captures them so well.”

The blog post—about how to prepare for an engagement photo shoot—featured a woman in several casual and boho outfits. Funk asked Parsons to create a “relaxed, hand picked” floral look to complement her attire.

“I chose lots of mixed greens and everyday flowers and designed a free form bouquet,” Parsons said. “I think the results of my work show well with the clothing and accessories the other vendors chose.”

Photo by Tara Funk, Random Eyesight Photography

Since the post was published in late October, Parsons has received lots of positive feedback from customers—old and new.

“Like me, the other businesses involved are big advocates of shopping locally and working together,” Parsons said. “We’ve all been sharing the blog on various social media channels and tagging each other. That’s helped me reach a wider audience than if it was just about me and flowers alone.” And, because the blog is aimed at the entire province, it’s given her chance to flaunt her skills to a very broad group.

It’s not the first time Parsons has volunteered her services a photo shoot. “Recently, my work was published in a prom/graduation magazine,” she said. “I use it in local shows and create handouts to show teens.”

It’s always worth the effort, she said, as the payoff is “exposure, exposure, exposure!”


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