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5 Crucial Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2014

For most florists, mobile marketing is still a tough arena to navigate. Not just because it’s a relatively new marketing medium, but also because figuring out what your audience wants and how they want it can be quite confusing. There’s a lot of guessing and some mixed results.

Overall, mobile still shows a lot of promise. You may not be able to figure it all out. But with the forthcoming shifts this year and in subsequent years, it is better to be at the forefront and milking the mobile cow while the space isn’t saturated.

As of now, you can still do some serious mobile marketing damage without burning a hole in your pocket. Once everyone figures it out, you bet the stakes will be higher. That said, 2014 is set to be an even bigger year for mobile.Mobile Marketing with Responsive Design

Smartphone Usage Will Get Even Bigger

As at last year, about 56% of the world’s population owned a cell phone. If the data from previous years is anything to go by, that percentage will likely increase this year.

With the popularity of phablets and tablets, and the falling prices of cellular plans, most people are likely to pick up one or more gadgets this year, in addition to the ones they currently own; which means more mobile devices in circulation.

In simple terms, this means that you’ll be able to market your products and services to your clients across multiple screens. Think of it as multi-screen engagement. You can be in their faces as frequently as three times a day by targeting one device each time.

Traffic from Mobile Phones May Equal That of Conventional Desktops

Last year for instance, over 26% of all emails were opened on a smartphone while over 50% of all local searches were done on mobile devices.

People are searching more for local businesses, booking events and restaurant spaces, making doctor and lawyer appointments… all from their mobile devices. This is not surprising given that mobile is convenient, spontaneous and fast.

More Responsive Websites

With Google ‘s preference for responsive and HTML5 compliant sites, florist websites without decent responsive designs are likely to rank lower in the search engines for searches originating from mobile devices.

This is not surprising seeing as Google and other search engines are mostly about maximum user experience. This means florists without responsive websites will lose a lot more business this year, no thanks to decreased search visibility, and thanks to the increased number of alternative florist websites with responsive designs. So, if your website is still stuck in the dark ages, it’s time for an upgrade.

Enhanced Personalized Marketing

Apple’s iBeacon is basically a game changer for any smart and savvy mobile marketing florists. With this, florists can personalize their audience’s messages and offers.

For instance, florists can engage with their audience in real time, direct them to where they can get their flowers, create a map of directions and show them where to find their flowers of choice.

Not just that, because the messages are coming from their locales, they are bound to be considered as less intrusive and even welcome.  This makes for an effective location based marketing technique. Combine location and personalization without excessive intrusion and you have yourself a potential winning mobile marketing strategy.

Shorter Time-Based Content and Ads

If you have seen the video ads on CNN and Youtube, then you know that ads are becoming shorter. Video ads targeted at smartphone users will be shorter. In fact, Vine and Instagram Video are already doing this. Ads are compressed to between 5-10 seconds. So, learn how to sell your products quickly and effectively within 10 seconds. It’s the future.

If you’ll be doing any mobile marketing this year – and I don’t see why you would not – be sure to take all these into consideration. Good luck!

12 thoughts on “5 Crucial Mobile Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2014”

  1. The world is going mobile. People want to get information on the go. So I think florist should equipment with this to be able to meet up with this new trend.

  2. Your point of having to do everything faster is quite interesting! I don’t work in marketing, but I can imagine it being a real challenge to shorten an entire pitch down to ten seconds. I’ve heard of elevator pitches before, but TEN SECONDS? Seems hard.

  3. The mobile marketing trend is not new to me, just by looking around I’m able to see how much mobile usage permeated in all social and age groups. But the ads, 5-10 seconds to deliver your content seems insane! Although, with so much content available online I understand the need of fast ads, you don’t want to annoy your user base especially when they’re able to quickly jump sites.

  4. Very informative article! Mobile, mobile mobile! That’s pretty much where a majority of the tech industry is headed for the long term, and it is very important to start adapting. Being able to accept mobile traffic to websites and using responsive layouts are key to keeping your mobile customers close. This article did a great job on emphasizing the mobile push, and I learned a few things myself!

  5. Technology is getting more and more advanced everyday and people are beginning to acquire devices that make their life easier, and also that make their business life easier.

    Mobile marketing will soon be a great way in promoting your business, for we all know about the increase in smartphone usage.

    This post really tackles theories and trends of 2014 marketing strategies. I believe everything written in this post!

    Thanks for it!

  6. This is definitely deserving of my bookmark. I’m into social media marketing and I’m realizing how important it is to keep up with the trends of the new markets to make sure I’m ahead of the competition. Working with a private client whom owns a floral shop, I take special care in the way I market her. I think this site has been a godsend when it comes to realizing the marketing difficulties in the floral industry. I want my approach to providing her recognition to be authentic, and this site has given me nothing but gems of information to put my best foot forwards as a marketer.

  7. wander_n_wonder

    I think in the next 3 years, people will rely 80% of the time on their smartphones and tablets more than laptops and desktops. People will be using cellular data and wifi, more than the traditional cable internet. That’s why, in this case, most blogs should allow for mobile functionality coz otherwise, you will be missing a huge part of your audience. Information is literally at the tip of the fingertips now.

  8. The tips shared in the above post are very helpful for florists but are also something that every blogger should keep in mind.

    Mobile is definitely going to get bigger and should be something each and every one of us takes into mind when it comes to building our blogs.

    With so much more traffic now coming from moblie devices it is very important that blogs be responsive and ready for more and more mobile users to head their way.

  9. I don’t understand why a lot of webmasters still don’t use responsive design.

    Around 60% of the traffic to my website is from smart phones or tablets, and it converts just as well as the traffic I get from desktop computers.

    If I wouldn’t use responsive design, most of the people getting on my site using a smartphone or a tablet, would probably just leave right away, and I wouldn’t be half as successful as I am today.

  10. I, and many others, knew that the mobile market was going to increase from the start, it’s just logical to believe that a convenient, handheld market would rise. I think the shorter ads are a great idea! While people are usually annoyed with ads, I think 10 seconds won’t be too much of a hassle for them, as long as it’s exceedingly often. Moreover, the price of a basic android smartphone has gone down so much, almost anyone can afford one! Even the most basic smartphone can give you so much more information than non smartphones! Personalized ads are also great, giving people what they actually want to see!

  11. do you think ad’s within youtube videos will become more popular? . Alot of sites use youtube as their main video platform and as you know, youtube does not monetize mobile views. This means that content creators have to turn to advertising within videos.Do you think this method of advertising will gain in popularity?

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