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The Scope of Mobile Search

Canadian Florist magazine held its annual business forum Monday, May 30, and invited Meagan Tanner of Google Canada to speak. Tanner, who’s spent nine years working with more than 1,000 small businesses in three countries, described the key to success as being in the right place to reach consumers and having a message that resonates.

You Need Responsive Design

3 Reasons Why You Should Have a Responsive Website

Mobile sales have usurped desktop sales. This tells us two things:
1) That the mobile trend is now an unstoppable force; mobile sales are likely to dominate technology for the foreseeable future.
2) People are now more comfortable on their mobile devices than on their desktops and laptops.
Ignoring these facts is like knowing a destructive category 5 hurricane is coming to your town, but you refuse to evacuate.
Needless to say, if you aren’t opening up mobile marketing channels, you are nuts; what we today call “online marketing” will be dominated by mobile channels and funnels for at least the next 5-15 years.
The urgency for mobile-compatible website design is apparent. Designers know this. There have been debates on the best way to make a website mobile-friendly—either with a separate mobile site or an all-encompassing responsive design. For a few years, mobile sites held popularity, but lately the opinion has swayed over to responsive design.
The reason: even though mobile sites do have their place, responsive design is the future. Let’s look at the benefits.

Responsive Web Design

4 Powerful Mobile Marketing Tips Florists Can Use Today

Like it or not, some of your website’s visitors come from people using mobile devices. Unfortunately, you’re probably losing them because your website isn’t optimized for their devices. Recent studies by the Harvard Business Review show that people spend between 12% and 49% of their time either doing some window shopping or actively seeking out products to buy.

Tablet Use

How Americans Use Their Tablets

According to ComScore, the “Fourth Screen” (aka Tablets, following TVs, PCs and Smartphones) is now officially mainstream. Is your web site optimized for Tablets as well as  Smartphones and PCs? If not, check out our affordable Responsive Design ecommerce sites for florists!