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15 thoughts on “How Americans Use Their Tablets”

  1. Interesting diagnostics, it is indeed ideal now to optimize our sites for the fourth screens. Its not really hard actually, the cost can justify the sales that you can get from customers who can conveniently access your site online through their smartphones. Businesses, big or small should do this small step and look at the importance of site optimization.

    1. The crucial part here is converting the cost to actual sales figures. Achieving a breakeven would only be enough to recover the cost. We need to further increase the figures to around 200% to have a solid basis in saying that site optimization can really propel sales to greater heights.

    2. This would be incredibly convenient if we could actually adjust our screens on our smartphones not only for shopping but for online tutoring or elearning. This I believe is currently in the making.

  2. Huh, this is really interesting. I think it’s strange that 50% listen to music; I didn’t think that was a big feature of tablets that people used frequently. But I suppose if that’s what they own, they’re going to put music on it. I’m not surprised to see things like “read books” or “watch video” there; tablets are great for that.

    1. Definitely. The findings highlight an opportunity to target the sales of these tablets to another market – music-lovers. These tablets have been primarily promoted to the business professionals market, with the productivity and business features that these tablets are filled with.

    2. I thought that was odd as well. I use my ipod for the music part. I really don’t like the idea of using a tablet for anything other than research and surfing on the go. So I totally agree watching videos or reading ebooks is a better usage.

  3. Information such as this is extremely useful. Marketing initiatives can be grounded on the profiles of the users of the tablets.

  4. For those in the games industry or companies that rely on the visuals of their product to sell, the tablet and smartphone market is the best thing that has happened to them, because of the potential to reach everyone almost instantly.

  5. I think the same numbers don’t apply to Europe, at least not to certain countries. Just wondering how it would be compared to the US. Tablets aren’t as much used yet in my country. I think in the next two years they might be everywhere though, it’s going very fast.

    It will create new possibilities and for website creators and developers it’ll be important to make sure that everything’s working fine on tablets as well.

    1. KennyK, how do you think are tablets used in your country? Who are the dominant tablet users? Are they the students, the yuppies or the business executives?

      I’m also wondering on the profiling of tablet users in Asia. I think the tablet users in Asia are getting younger and younger, though I still have to secure data to support my assumption.

      Nevertheless, I think that understanding the information-seeking habits of different populations is very important. To be specific, once you know that your target market is using tablets, you are already given a message that you should also place your marketing programs in the tablets.

  6. Absolutely, my site is ready for mobile! I use the Montezuma theme, fully responsive and the menu even changes automatically to a drop down! =)

  7. My family is a hodge-podge of gadget junkies and “early adapters”. As a result, I’ve always been a little wary of “The Next Great Thing.” The tablet, however, won me over in an instant. I understand completely how easily it has become integrated into American lifestyle.

  8. Tablets are the new smartphones. I’ve seen many people carry them, it makes sense to market your business on them. Then again tablets have the same size screen as laptops, so webpages I’m guessing are the same as on a regular laptop and not in mobile format.

  9. I get a lot of traffic from tablets so I try to keep my websites optimized for them. I get about 25% of my entire traffic coming in from tablets. I guess this number can go up and down according to the niche your website is in, but I’m pretty sure any website can get at least 5% or more traffic from tablets no matter the industry. It’s not that hard to optimize a site for them and it makes you look professional to people.

    Tablets are great for reading website content, ebooks and watching videos and that is exactly what I am focusing on with my sites. Visitors end up spending more time on my blogs and this will also increase my search engine rankings (because of increased time spent on site).

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