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12 thoughts on “Facebook Business Pages 101”

  1. Yes a fan page is ideal for businesses. I see that big companies have used their pages to the full maximum. The biggest names of course garnered most number of likes, say “starbucks” for example. A facebook page is more professional looking than a personal account of course and it gives you much freedom to show more of your business unlike the latter.

  2. Yes, other than being more professional, Facebook makes it easier on businesses if you use a page. There are fields for things like “Founder” and it’s more tailored to a business rather than an individual person. I believe it’s easy to switch between your personal profile and your business page as well.

  3. The platform for online marketing has already been provided by Facebook. Marketers should already take responsibility in maximizing the opportunity they have received.

  4. Business pages are a great way to connect with your customers and get repeat business. Many times posting a Facebook special will get you tons of orders from repeat customers, even if it is only a small discount.

  5. Starting off with Facebook marketing can be tough, complicated and confusing at first. However, once you become more and more familiar with the dynamics of social media marketing, you are on your way to mastering the tips and tricks of the trade. Soon, managing your Facebook business pages will be like a breeze for you.

  6. I precisely shut down my personal profile because of that. Facebook has become too annoying, but the pages are still useful and profitable.

  7. I would like to use Facebook for marketing more myself,but it’s just so cluttered and busy over there that I have to force myself to even login. Though I can definitely see incredible opportunity for marketing there,and Twitter as well. I know it’s not a topic of this blog post,but i’ve had some relatively good return using Tumblr for marketing. I would love to see a blog post about how Tumblr is used by other SEO market pros.

  8. It definitely won’t hurt to have a decent business profile there. You have to use it to your advantage. If it’s too hard to learn how to deal with it, you can hire someone to handle that.

  9. This is true, I saw many business turns into success because of the advertisement in facebook so I like this image you posted.

  10. I have to agree with xStylezx. Having a facebook business page is almost a requirement these day. However, it seems like the only people actually making any money using Facebook are the ones spending money on Facebook Ads.

    1. Good point about Facebook Ads. I have never used them but I know of people who have. In so doing they have been able to increase their number of Facebook “likes” tremendously; in some cases into the thousands quickly.

      If a business has the money to invest in them, I think it’s a great idea especially when you are first starting your Facebook page. People are more inclined to “like” a page that already has been “liked” by thousands of others. Plus you have increased your overall reach; the more people you can reach first hand on Facebook the more potential there is that some of them will share your content with their friends. It really is a numbers game.

  11. I’ve used Facebook ads and I got over 100 likes in about 3 hours of posting the ad. It all depends on how well you target those ads, but you will surely receive some likes. Having an existing number of likes does make people trust the site more (just like SaraD pointed out) and you will receive more likes because of this. These ads will not really sell products but are more of a “expand your brand” kind of thing. You need to know what you are doing to actually convert FB ad clickers into buyers. At least that is my experience.

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