9 thoughts on “Florists For Change Atlanta – Day 2”

  1. For those of us that are not there and belong to FSN how do we go about getting on the 90/10 band wagon?

    1. Steve, I believe they said just call them and speak with them. Brock stated that yesterday, I believe. You could check the video at livestream.com/floristsforchange if someone doesn’t have the right anwer.

  2. SAF is “compiling data” on deceptive advertising? Where in the hell have they been the last 5 years? How about acting on deceptive advertising. I guess they have to ask Teleflora first.

  3. Thank you Ryan, (and Mark Anderson) for the live blogging, actually much easier to follow than the live stream!

  4. Very interesting, very interesting…Ryan I hope when you get back home you take a few minutes and edit the important munbers like mebership amounts and stuff, your live blog did it again and put 0M and such every where, but great job on the coverage I felt like I didn’t miss a beat..

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