Jet Fresh Name That Rose App

Jet Fresh Flowers Launches New App

Can you spot the difference between ‘Freedom’ and ‘Forever Young’? How about ‘Mondial’ and ‘Vendela’? What distinguishes ‘High and Magic’ from ‘Fiction’?

Put your rose knowledge to the test with Jet Fresh Flower Distributors’ new mobile app, “Jet Fresh Flowers’ Name That Rose.”

JFF’s “Name That Rose” is the first-ever quick-answer, multiple choice-style flower quiz game. The goal: correctly identify roses by variety before the timer runs out.

Jet Fresh Name That Rose App

With each correct answer, you unlock a card with more information, including the rose’s vase-life expectancy, availability, stem length and country of origin, as well as a close-up image.

“We created this game to help solve the daily struggle of recognizing rose varieties,” said Ryan Black, Jet Fresh Flower Distributors’ marketing and media director. “With so many options in the market, and so many different levels of knowledge amongst rose consumers, we figured we kill two birds with one app.”

The game is primarily a learning tool, he explained. (“If you do poorly, play more and you will get better at identifying rose varieties.”) Secondly, the game is an excellent reference resource. “Anyone who plays the game has a personal rose guide in their pocket, which they share, sell or view for their own entertainment.”

Embracing new and unique technologies is “the perfect way to stay in the customer’s eye in a fun and engaging way,” he added.

All of the roses featured on the app are also available to order directly from Jet Fresh Flowers Distributors. Simply select the dollar sign to connect with a member of the sales team. JFF’s Name That Rose is now available for free-download for both iOs & Android devices.

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