Michigan Floral Association Recognizes Freeman and Anderson

Last weekend, the Michigan Floral Association awarded two individuals very near and dear to the Florist 2.0 community.

Mark Anderson, the founder of FloristWare, received the National Service Award, which recognizes a person or company who “is active and connected behind the scenes in the floral industry, works tirelessly for their customers, and is generous with their time and resources to help people and organizations across the floral industry.”

“FloristWare is a small company that sponsors speakers and exhibits at florist events across North America,” said MFA President Rod Crittenden. “On social media and the FloristWare website, Mark Anderson continues to promote awareness of florist shows and events all over Canada and the USA. He even donates his time to help organizations with websites, graphics, printing, and other efforts. Especially considering the relative size of FloristWare to other providers, no one has given more to help support and grow florists than Mark.”

Ryan Freeman, president of Strider, publisher of Canadian Florist magazine, and the founder of Florist 2.0, received the Michigan Floral Association’s Special Service Award.

“Freeman is a leader in promoting and progressing the floral industry in multiple ways,” Crittenden said. “He puts deserving designers and information in front of the industry through his magazine and blog, creates better business practices that are manageable, and strives to strengthen floral businesses with the Canadian Florist Business Forum. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the floral industry and makes sure it stays strong for the future.”



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