How to Use Adwords Content Network to Drive More Traffic To Your Site

Google Adwords has been around for quite some time now and yet some online business marketers seem to have some reservations about using Adwords mainly because it doesn’t seem like an effective way to market your business. The content network is vast and the main perception is that your ads will just get drowned out in all the other Google ads being placed by other buyers. If Google Adwords seems like a tool only for big businesses, maybe you need to start using these techniques to get the most out of it.

Make The Most Of Google Adwords Features

One of the most common mistakes marketers make when using Adwords is that they use it like a traditional ad. Adwords differs from traditional ads mainly because you can actually track the click throughs and conversion rate from clicks to purchase. This invaluable piece of information can help you tweak your campaigns so that you get the mot out of your advertisement and if you’re not using Adwords for conversion, you need to start doing that.

Be Specific To Convert Clicks to Sales

How exactly? As a general rule if you’re putting up ads, try to have them target your specific market as much as possible. Sometimes marketers create an ad for a broad market, and intuitively it makes sense. Create a broad campaign to capture more viewers and have them click through to your site.

If you’re a large company and are looking for as many eyeballs as possible on your site, like let’s say Coke, that’s great. But for small to medium size online business owners you need to create a more specific target. Why? Simple. Filter out the potential buyers from the casual clicker at the source of the ad itself. If you make your ads more specific to your ideal buyer, you’ll only attract your buyer and achieve more purchases from each click through.

For example, your company specializes in selling sports caps. Instead of putting an ad that says “Sports Caps for all leagues! NBA, NFL, NHL at low prices”, try segmenting these ads geographically to garner more impact for your ad. For example ” Bulls caps on Sale 50% off and in time for Playoffs. get yours now!”. Place this ad then all over the Chicagoland area and you will most likely get a higher conversion rate from your click throughs.

Check This Out Now! The Need For a Call To Action

Another thing to take into consideration while making your ad copy is the call to action. If you have a great ad copy that targets your buying market but you don’t have a specific call to action, you might be missing out on clicks that could be earning you some money.

Close The Sale With Your Site

After you’ve gotten your buying market to your site with Adwords, you can fine tune your strategy even more to make sure you make the sale. Just because you targeted the ad copy and lead them onto your site doesn’t mean you’ll make the sale. One technique you can implement to increase your chances of making the sale is to link the ad directly to the specific product you’re selling. In other words, don’t lead them to your home page. Doing so could confuse and lose your potential customer’s attention, eventually resulting in the buyer clicking out of your site totally. So make sure to link directly to close the sale.

4 thoughts on “How to Use Adwords Content Network to Drive More Traffic To Your Site”

  1. I totally agree from the customer’s perspective about how one shouldn’t lead them us any other page besides the page that’s relevant to the ad. It makes things so much easier, and it totally will guarantee a sale.

  2. I also wanted to say I really like the challenge of closing the sale without actually being there with Adwords, which this article points out. I hope to learn to do that soon.

  3. These are good tips. Another advantage for florists is that they can not only target their local market with AdWords content network, but they can also tailor campaigns for the holidays including Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, etc. and do some further fine tuning, perhaps, to target specific demographics. All of this can help keep down the costs and avoid having a lot of clicks that don’t result in any sales.

  4. A good call to action is the tipping point between a successful campaign in Adwords and one that is wasting money. The ad should be great and attract clicks but once on your website, the user must see the need to actually buy the product.

    When the call to action is strong, a great deal of the visitors coming to the site will turn into customers because they have at least a reason to do so.

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