FTD and LivingSocial Deal: Let Me Save You a Buck

While more than 100K buyers have  snagged FTD.com’s offer on LivingSocial.com for a “get $35 in flowers for $15” coupon, they could have saved a real buck by simply bypassing the deal and ordering straight from the local flower shop who’ll actually make and deliver their Mother’s Day flowers.

The Offer’s Fine Print:  The FTD service fee for flowers for Mother’s Day Weekend is $20.99

Note: This is not a DELIVERY fee. The ‘delivery fee’ (approximatley $7) is bundled into the price of the florist-delivered flowers shown on the site. The $20.99 fee is just for forwarding the order to a local florist.

So your $20 ‘savings’ goes to a $20.99 fee that’s totally avoidable.

Mother’s Day Flower buyers can save that buck ($.99 actually) by simply shopping online, over the phone or in person direct with a local florist where Mom lives. Use Google Places, Yelp or your favorite review site to find a good local flower shop if you don’t know one.

Then you’ll know who’s actually handling their flowers, likely hear if your selection requires substitution, and know who is ultimately accountable to get Mom’s flowers right. No middleman. No delayed communication about where your flowers are.  No totally-avoidable service fee.

So save yourself some real money and order direct from a real local flower shop.

Your Mom will be so proud you REALLY saved and sent her beautiful, fresh flowers for Mother’s Day.

5 thoughts on “FTD and LivingSocial Deal: Let Me Save You a Buck”

  1. OMG – you have no idea how ridiculous this has been.

    I placed the order with FTD and on the ‘review order’ page it was showing my total as $69, then -$35 for the LS deal, and $34.98 being charged to my credit card. Then on the confirmation page it was showing $69 being charged to my credit card. I called the company to ask what charged were applied to my credit card and was on the phone with this lady in India for 30 minutes (I’m not racist – I cannot stand customer service people than cannot communicate with people!). I had to repeat everything I said 6 times, she kept putting me on hold, after 15 minutes into the conversation she asked me again what my reason for calling was, etc. I eventually had to hang up to pick up my daughter from school. Then I called back and got someone else who couldn’t understand me, and he, eventually, said he would credit my account the $35 – even though he didn’t understand what I was talking about. He couldn’t tell me how much was charged to my credit card even though he was looking at my order.

    Now this morning I see an email from FTD saying…

    I do appologize ma’am but your discount code was not working please call us back so we can put your discount on your order.
    Thank you for choosing FTD.COM.

    I called this morning and got someone else who I couldn’t understand/who couldn’t understand me. She, eventually, said ‘ok, ma’am I will apply the $35 discount to your order. Is there anything else I can help you with today?’ I doubt this will happen and will have to call back. I’m trying to call Living Social right now and they told me the only thing they can do is refund my $15, if I wished.

  2. First off , why do we florist even accept these orders ? I for one do not . and second , lets be real do you really want them ? True flower customers , I ‘m talking about people who send flowers for all occations , often . People who know the diffrence and appreicate design , customer service, prompt service, quality flowers and a friendly smile. And thank goodness we have a whole great big bunch of them.

  3. Yes, I’m the local florist in Huntington Beach CA, and we are the real one who does the arrangements and deliver them to the doors.

  4. Thanks for the tip. I had almost bought this deal last week. I generally go Proflowers anyway.

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