Optimizing your Sales Process from the Ground-Up

Today, every business, regardless of field or industry, is looking to optimize the way sales are handled and maintained. It is always a good idea to start with the basics and find out what you can do better and how you are going to make changes happen. From finding new customers, to keeping your current clients happy, here are a few ways to get back to the basics and take a critical look at your own sales process.

Introduction/First Impressions

It all begins with some type of introduction – a phone call, an email, an advertisement, or a meeting. No matter how you are connecting with a potential customer for the first time, it can’t hurt to remember how important that first impression is going to become for you and your company. While you may think that it goes without saying, make sure that your sales team is courteous, friendly, and maintaining a positive attitude. Let’s face it, a smile can’t hurt, either.

Establishing Customer Needs

No matter what your product or service is, you are looking to meet the needs of your customers. Find out more about those needs. What are their major concerns when it comes to your area of expertise? For example, there is no point trying to sell a lawnmower to a person that doesn’t have any grass. However, once you hear that he wants to begin laying the groundwork for a new garden and flower bed, you can sell him the soil, sprinklers, plants, and even some bricks to separate this part of the yard from the rest. Be a good listener and figure out just what he needs.

Explanation of Services or Product

This part is easy – offer a solution. Because you already know what he needs, you aren’t going to be talking about things that don’t apply to the client’s needs. You need a killer presentation. Your presentation will be focused and customized to what he is looking for. While you don’t want to come across as too boastful, make sure that he knows that your company is going to be the hero for him in this situation. Whatever he needs, you have it.

Asking for the Sale

At this point, the client knows what he needs, and he knows that you have it. Now you just need to make the sale happen. When you do, try to make it as easy as possible. Most people don’t want to be bogged down with details and a long drawn out process. Today’s customers can sign contracts electronically to save time and get the solution they need in their hands as soon as possible.

While these may seem like basic principles that you have covered before, it can’t hurt to go back over some things. Everyone wants their business to do better. Instead of complicating things, optimize your sales process at the ground level and go from there. What techniques have you used to improve your sales process in the past? What are some new methods that interest you?

Elysabeth Teeko dabbles in everything technology oriented, and also loves interior design. She hangs out on Twitter sometimes, as @Elysateek. Follow her.

2 thoughts on “Optimizing your Sales Process from the Ground-Up”

  1. I admire this post. It’s a need for us to always put up a good first impression to everyone we meet, whether in a business meeting, on a blog online, or even in person.

    Great advice and very helpful information in this post! It taught me how to get a good deal with clients and to finally seal the deal.

    Thank you, I will look into all of these!

  2. I think that a business needs to keep the potential client interested every step of the way. They must make a great first impression and show people they care about their needs and wants.

    Doing this will lead to being able to explain the actual service (product) the business provides and how that solves the needs of the person. They you need to actually ask for the sale and reiterate the importance the service will have on the life of your future client.

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