5 Ways To Get Advice From A Marketing Expert

Entrepreneurs will always encounter problems during the course of their business. That’s the sad reality. Prices of commodities increase which may lead to rising expenses and lowering of profits. Many startup crises can be handled or solved by seeking guidance from an expert- someone who is really good in marketing strategies, an effective counselor, financial analyst and planner.

The advice of a good marketing expert may just be the answer to all your worries when it comes to business. Most marketing experts would like to share their insights and knowledge especially to those who are just starting their business.

So how can you seek advice from a marketing expert? Here are five ways which you can try:

  1. Get marketing advice through self-help business books. You don’t need to meet a marketing expert face to face to get his advice. There are a lot of books available in the market which you can buy. A good business book like Small Business for Dummies will serve as a helpful resource on business principles, case studies, and marketing tips. All you have to do is visit your local library or bookstore.
  2. Get marketing advice online. Now, there are online forums and electronic books on business. Through online forums, you can gain access to specialized topics and everything else related to marketing. All you have to do is follow the basic threads and you can start getting the information that you need. You can even ask questions by starting your own thread. The e-book is also becoming a popular resource online. In fact, there are several e-books on business which can be downloaded for free so try to take advantage of them. You can also watch video presentations on marketing through the internet.
  3. Join marketing or business seminars. Sign up for a business or marketing-related seminar being offered in your community. You can contact your local college or Small Business Development Centers since they frequently offer seminars, trainings, and workshops on business.
  4. Seek the help of a business coach. A good business coach delivers one on one mentoring suited to your business and challenges. Coaches may charge a monthly retainer which includes a specific number of hours for a particular topic or program plan.
  5. Hire consultants. For bigger challenges, you can hire business consultants who would usually charge an hourly fee for their expert advice.

As you can see, there are some great ways to seek marketing advice when it’s most needed.  As always, maintain a positive attitude, and never give up on your goals!


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5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Get Advice From A Marketing Expert”

  1. One of the greatest reasons why technology, particularly the birth of internet, is the increased accessibility of information. Now, you can already get marketing tips online. You can even follow social media accounts of marketing experts so you can receive their tips and reminders. Most marketing experts including Philip Kotler have also published books to share what they knew and learned about marketing. Definitely, the information you need is just within your reach.

  2. I really love this post. It reinforces the importance of having a mentor or some type of guidance when you are embarking on a new business journey. There will be bumps along the way and it helps to know you are making the best decisions.

  3. Yes, ideally, a business coach if it is affordable. It is so difficult to navigate through choices and having the guidance of an experienced person makes a huge difference.

    But as you point out there are other options. I have learned quite a bit from online seminars — those providing content and info rather than just pitching a product — where I have had the chance to ask questions and get them answered quickly in real time.

    Forums are helpful too. I find it quite inspiring to be among people who are entrepreneurial and have that kind of mindset. It is very encouraging.

  4. I honestly prefer reading self-help business books rather than fictional books. First of all, I don’t get anything out of fictional books, and second of all, reading about ways to improve your business is far more interesting than any other topic in my opinion.

    Thanks for a great post! It reminded me of a lot of things I told myself to do, but neglected it. I’m finally motivated to continue pursuing financial freedom!

  5. I constantly invest in my business education and I still feel that I have a LOT to learn! I buy books, ebooks and read forums in my industry all the time! I look for people that know what they are doing and try to connect with them. I try to help them out and ask for their help when I need it.

    The advices from an expert in one’s field is priceless and usually relates to bigger paychecks and more experience in dealing with potential failures down the road.

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