Using Your Facebook Page Effectively

With the increasing importance of social media and the unavoidable popularity of Facebook, it has become an absolutely necessity for a business to establish its presence on the world’s most popular social network. The best way to establish such a presence is through the Facebook Page feature, one of the most acclaimed social innovations ever. Since Facebook has a huge userbase, the creation of a Facebook page for your business is an extremely important part of your marketing strategy as it enables you to reach out to this enormous audience.

Any business that tries to sell a product or service online absolutely needs a Facebook page. The latter will allow it to provide a brief overview of its products or services to its visitors as well as link back to its website. Unfortunately, this is where many businesses make their first mistake by trying to cram too much information on the Info tab of their Facebook page. Keep in mind that the attention span of most Internet users can be quite low, and you will understand that you should try to keep the amount of text in the tab to a manageable volume.

Moreover, although the Info tab is assuredly a straightforward way of providing details about your business, it actually has the lowest chances of driving traffic to your website. This is mainly due to the fact that it’s only a blob of text and you cannot truly organize this information in a more intuitive way. Thankfully, your Facebook page does have a great option where you can create a personalized landing page. You can as a matter of fact add a new tab to your page and switch your settings so that the it loads by default whenever someone views your business page.

It is nevertheless important that you understand how to use this feature as many businesses have indeed found themselves guilty of going too far when designing their custom page. This new tab should try to match your existing website as much as possible since you want them to be able to browse your website intuitively once they click on your website link. This new tab behaves exactly like an HTML script, and it is incredibly easy to create a great landing page using the Facebook Markup Language (FBML), which is Facebook’s version of the HTML language. You will obviously need some knowledge of HTML and a designer to create the template, but these steps can easily be outsourced.

The key here is to know how to link to your website such that visitors are more inclined to click these buttons. It is obviously preferable to use images for your links instead of regular text since the former are visually more appealing. One of the most effective strategies here is to create several buttons that link to the most important pages of your website such as your Products and Contact pages, as well as your homepage.

Finally, you should never forget that getting people to Like your Facebook page is as important as getting them interested in your business. One way of getting people to like your page is to include a little message on your custom tab to encourage your visitors to click the Like button. However, keep in mind that simply asking someone who’s never even heard about you before to Like your page may not actually work. You will need to interact with them on your Wall tab frequently to achieve this objective.


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3 thoughts on “Using Your Facebook Page Effectively”

  1. Facebook is obviously one place that all business owners should target. With over 900 million Facebook users as of present, having a Facebook page is really important.

    But its time we start thinking different, We should not concern ourselves with the amount of likes that a page receives, after all anyone can buy hundreds of thousands of likes. Its social reach of the page that we should care about.

  2. Your Facebook page should simply do one thing. Create value.

    You should create value for your business, and all posts should be towards benefiting your customers. Take into consideration, “What’s in it for my customers?”

    They always want something out of anything you offer, even if that’s your Facebook page.

    Great post!

  3. Your FB page is important because it can drive a lot of traffic to your site and will also build a connection with your clients and potential customers. I feel that much attention should be given to building this page.

    I also strongly feel that it is worth it to invest money in Facebook advertising. You receive likes and new visitors might land on your website. Having a site that is quite liked on FB is only going to look good in the eyes of potential clients.

    Facebook doesn’t always deliver clients (in some niches, traffic from FB is not going to convert into buyers no matter what you do).

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