Pay Per Click Tips

I haven’t started writing on Pay Per Click marketing, yet, for this blog. It’s a very effective tool, but one that florists fear because it’s the unknown, and it costs money 🙂

So, in lieu of my own writing on PPC, which will wait until we’ve covered more organic SEO content, here’s an article on PPC tactics from 16 year old Harrison Gevirtz (who makes more in one month than your average flower shop in a year – no lie!).

1 thought on “Pay Per Click Tips”

  1. I’m actually trying to earn a bit of pocket cash with a Pay Per Click site called Neobux.

    I’ve tried it out for about a month and it really takes some time to earn some money! For each ad you click, you only earn $0.001 and the minimum payout is $2. It’s a bit time consuming, but I read reviews on Neobux and people seem to love the site. That’s why I still use it.

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