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Are Target Audiences More Important than Keywords in Paid Search?

Keywords are the core of the search engines. To get answers to any queries or questions, you’ll need to enter the keywords and hope that the search engine returns something relevant and useful. As a result, the foundation of most pay per click ad campaigns is the keywords.

But, with Google’s recent statements, it does look like there’s going to be a lot more attention on intention that just plain keyword phrases. Google’s recent Hummingbird update was designed to help factor in the searcher’s intent. This way, the search engines don’t just return results based on the keyphrases as is. They will take other things like context into consideration before returning the search results.

Target Audience

So, Are Keywords Still Important?

The truth is that keywords are still important. Afterall, there’s no way you’ll be able to bid on search positions without having specific words or phrases to bid on. Only thing is it might be better to start doing more keyword fine tuning.

Consider the context within which the keywords may be searched and then create your ad campaigns around that. For now, there’s no knowing if keywords will become less important in search, but that’s something to think about.

In the meantime however, use the keywords, pay for them whilst making some serious efforts to connect with your audience. There’s nothing wrong in selling to people. After all, the entire global economy revolves around that. But, there’s also nothing better than having your audience and customers feel like you genuinely care about them and not just the keywords they enter into the search engines.

Engage More With Your Audience

Along with building and fine tuning your ad campaigns, you need to make sure that you engage more with your audience. There’s a reason Google and other big search engines factor social signals into their ranking metrics these days. It means that the target audience’s role has become bigger.

Unlike the past where all you had to do was churn out articles by the hundred to get ranked, you have to actually do things a bit differently. The search engines consider content with lots of social signals important enough to be ranked highly on the search engines.

In the future, the target audience is going to be just as important as the keywords. In fact, smart business owners are beginning to adopt this. They attract targeted traffic via bidding on keywords in the search engines and then interact and engage with their visitors when they visit their websites.

This is an amazing thing to do. People who know how to wield this influence will find that with time, their ad spend don’t have to be as high. They can easily build a crowd of loyal fans who’ll follow them anywhere and hang on to their every word.

So, are keywords more important than your target audience? Not at all. They’re complementary strategies that can provide excellent results when used well. As a florist, start thinking of your target audience and your keywords as one and the same. This mindset will open your eyes to so many possibilities ad ideas that you can apply and use in marketing your business online.

2 thoughts on “Are Target Audiences More Important than Keywords in Paid Search?”

  1. I feel that the end result, which should be having a targeted audience that can develop loyalty to a particular brand and service is more important than just Keywords in paid search. And just because an individual has the advantage of the top searched keywords, if they can’t deliver by their content and flexibility of being gregarious with their targets, it ends up in a self-defeating journey towards success.

    People fixate so much on getting to the first page on Google, or having a higher page ranking to feel as if they’re actually making significant progress. They may be having headway, but most of that belief is based on intuitive nature that doesn’t have statistics and data to back it up. Keywords are a supplement for those who can create content consistently, and also more informative as well. If the individual only has the keyword research down, and barely any competence in delivering their content, they are seriously going after an impossible dream for accumulating a large and organic audience.

    I rarely have to worry about extensive SEO, and utilize all sorts of supplementary connections and contacts because I know content creation is something I love doing that streams into my mind with ease. And that was accomplish after relentless training, trial & error, and persevering through all my mistakes and being reflective about them to find what to improve on.

    It’s hard work, and like you’ve mentioned in other entries, hard work and consistency is inevitable. People can’t make lackluster attempts for long-term, and success isn’t always something that’s instant payday every day.

  2. I will prefer target audience than paid search. When you have target audience, they will always come by saving the link.

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