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We at FlowerChat, want you to feel confident that your purchase of tulips from your local florists will last longer. The tulip is also known by the Latin name Tulipa.
Eric Shaw, owner of Everyday Flowers, Florist In Tustin California has given us permission to reprint his article on Florist Delivered Tulips
vase pink tulips
It’s the season again with spring flowers just around the corner. We always look forward to the many types of flowers that become available in the floral industry and tulips are defiantly one of the well know flowers that are in their peak. Here are some tips for
prolonging the life of your florist delivered tulip arrangements.
Place your tulip arrangements in a cool area in your home or office and keep them away from any types of heat sources.
The tulip stems will also continue to grow once placed in water. They will often begin to curve and grow towards any light source.
vase orange tulips
Fresh tulips should arrive in your flower arrangement
standing straight up however there are times that they will bend down. This is a normal reaction perhaps from being in the florist cooler and reacting to the sudden change in temperature. All they need is a little light, some time will stand straight up on their own.
Keeping your tulips in fresh clean water and making sure the water line is covering the end of the stems will also help prolong the life of your tulips.
Don’t forget to check your water level daily.
Even though this flower is available most of the year. The springtime is the best time to enjoy the many types that are available. Just give your local florist a call and let them introduce you to a taste of what spring has to offer.
Thank you Eric for the information about fresh cut tulips. Most local florists like fresh cut tulips for their organic nature in the vase. Remember, fresh cut tulips move, keep growing and gravitate toward sources of light.

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  1. i just got some home grown tulips as a present from a friend. while i was in the car, i noticed that the petals were expanding or spreading out. i put them in water but the petals continue to grow out and now they don’t look very nice. what’s happening?

  2. Its sounds like if they are cut tulips they may have been cut to late. Tulips should be cut just as they start to show color.

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