Butterfly Wrist Corsage

Fantasy Butterfly Wrist Corsage Construction

By Richard Seekins AIFD, Fountain Valley CA Florist, The Flower Place, Inc
Butterfly Wrist Corsage
We make our own wristbands for the Butterfly Wrist Corsage, using a wired cording, available at the local wholesaler.
Butterfly Wrist Corsage Frame
Cut the cording about 16 – 18 inches in length. Bring the two ends together to meet in the middle of the “O” and wire so you have a figure 8 and floral tape over this area.
Butterfly Wrist Corsage Leaves
With oasis glue, glue 5 silk rose leaves on the floral taped area of the Butterfly Wrist Corsage. Adhesive will stick better if you let the glue dry out a tad before attaching.
Butterfly Wrist Corsage Wristlet Butterfly Wrist Corsage Secure Wristlet
The wristlet is attached by pulling one loop thru the other and bending it back on itself.
Butterfly Wrist Corsage Butterfly Head Butterfly Wrist Corsage Butterfly Body
Then remove the butterfly head and as much on the body as possible. The body of this particular butterfly is like a resin material and is a little heavy. Glue this to the center of the rose leaf cluster and set aside to dry.
Butterfly Wrist Corsage Butterfly Dendrobium flowers Butterfly Wrist Corsage with Dendrobiums
Glue 4 Dendrobium flowers, stems removed, and a couple of Hypericum berries to the rose leaves under the wings of the Butterfly Wrist Corsage.
Butterfly Wrist Corsage with flowers
Glue the remaining Dendrobium flowers in the body area of the butterfly.
Butterfly Wrist Corsage prom flowers
Add the Hypericum and wax flower to complete the flowers on the butterfly and then the rhinestone sprays to complete the wrist corsage.
If you wish to visit The Flower Place Prom Corsage and Boutonniere Gallery, we have three Butterfly Wrist Corsages.

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  1. How beautiful. Can I purchase the butterflies from you – and have the corsage made here in Roanoke Virginia — It would be the perfect touch to my daughters Senior homecoming.

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