What is the world’s most popular flowers?

Gerber Daisy
What is the world’s most popular flowers?
The Gerbera Daisy is one of the world’s most popular flowers. Latin name Gerbera spp, originated in South Africa. The Gerbera daisy is also known as the Transvaal Daisy.
The Gerbera Daisy is popular as a bedding plant, container plant or indoor houseplant, with it’s most popular use in floral arrangements.
orange gerbera daisy
The gerbera daisy’s bright color and 4 or 5 inch bloom attract attention and add the perfect touch to any floral occasion. Gerbera Daisies have a long lasting cut flower vase life, sometimes 2 to 3 weeks, making them wonderful for weddings flowers, attractive in table centerpiece arrangements or just Gerbera Daisies in a bud vase.

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  1. Gerbra have become a staple in many North American Florist Shops. Gone are the days of short lived stems, and today Gerbra are sought by informed consumers.

    In my store we use hundreds of stems a week, and they have replaced Carnations as one of our staples. THeir vibrant colors and unique shape lend them well to any type of floral design.

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