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Powered by Florists! FlowerChat.com

Where today’s independent floral professionals go to network with fellow florists and discuss the latest information about…
wire services
product trends and resources
managing and evaluating real expenses
floral design tips and techniques
florist technology and POS systems
making your web site work for you
advertising and marketing your own brand
Free, unfiltered, frank and lively discussions focused on the floral industry’s latest issues, news and views.
Read what real florists are saying:
“It’s a wonderful place, full of information, fun, debate and good people (some of whom I’ve had the good fortune to meet). Thank you for providing us such a wonderfully positive venue.”
“Not sure we would have made it to our 4th year without the support and information on the board!”
“This board is like having a cup of coffee in the morning. You need to log on here first before you start your day.”
“This board is fast becoming the best source for info and straight talk about our issues.”
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” The web’s premier opportunity to network with fellow professional florists.”

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  1. Real online florists aim to be the online destination that provides the same satisfaction and convenience as a trip to our local flower shop.”

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