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Local Florists offer unprecedented guarantee this Valentines Day
For Immediate Release
Contact: Mark Smith
Midland, MI 48640
[email protected]
Midland, MI —02/04/06——Across the US and Canada, local florists want to ensure that your Valentine receives fresh, top quality flowers. These florists are taking the unprecedented step of offering a consumer satisfaction guarantee to any recipient who receives a box of cut blossoms delivered by a parcel delivery services (i.e. UPS, FedEx) and gets second-rate quality.
Why are these flower shops making such an unheard of consumer satisfaction guarantee – for flowers they didn�t sell in the first place? They believe shoppers are being duped by direct-ship companies that make misleading and deceptive claims about the freshness, presentation and service of their so-called �direct from the fields� blossoms.
�Direct shippers� harvest roses and other flowers and often stage them in warehouses across North America to await purchase. Websites feature professionally arranged bouquets in vases but the blooms are simply bunched, wrapped in protective cardboard, shipped in boxes – and leave your special Valentine to do all the work of cleaning, conditioning and arranging them.
Your local professional florist�s flowers come direct from growers throughout the world, often in as short a time frame. But these flowers have the added benefit of being immediately hydrated and properly conditioned for maximum vase life. Parcel delivery services instruct their drivers to leave boxed flowers on the doorstep for people not at home, regardless of the weather conditions. Real local florists hand deliver fresh flowers and do not leave your special gift to suffer in the elements.
The results of direct-ship distribution and delivery methods have great potential for a disappointing, dissatisfying flower purchase. Many professional local florists fear it will ultimately turn gift-givers to choose something besides flowers in the future.
Local florists want your special Valentine to experience the joy of truly fresh flowers this holiday. Anyone receiving cut flowers in a box, shipped by any parcel delivery service, that is dissatisfied with the blossoms within 48 hours of receipt will be given immediate replacement or a consumer satisfaction guarantee certificate redeemable for flowers of like kind within one month.
To take advantage of this extraordinary offer, simply take the original shipping box, wrapping materials and flowers along with the gift sender�s name, mailing and email addresses to a participating local florist within 48 hours of the receipt of the package. For a complete list of participating florists, visit Email [email protected] .

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  1. This was our first Valentine’s Day without FTD or Teleflora and guess what happened, it was our best ever. Our in-store flower sales increased more than 40 percent. We weren’t wasting time filling orders for someone else. Every cent that went into our cash register was ours. The florist up the street was so inundated with the wire orders we aren’t taking that their local customers came to us in frustration. Our two secrets to success — a bang-up florist web site for our shop and the best web seach engine. By the way our average local order was $125. Now we’re following up with thank-you notes and we’re building a brand-new customer database while preparing for our best Mother’s Day.

  2. Congratulations on your sucessful Valentines Day. We had made the same decision last year of dropping 800 flowwes and FTD. And we have been really seeing the difference. The florist website is the key to being a successful florist and it’s good to see that you have taken the right path with your own uniqie floral website. Be patient and you will continue to see the difference. On another note we were proud to part of this florist movement of offering the florist guarentee and to thank Mark and of course Cathy for making this happen. We look forward to joining forces again for the up and coming holiday and we will continue to inform and educate the consumers of the misleading practices that are infecting this industry.

  3. Glad to know your interested Eric, we will be working to formulate the Mothers Day Guarantee in the next week or so.


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