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4 Incredibly Effective Content Marketing Techniques

Most businesses and organizations do some sort of content marketing these days. The interesting thing however is that less than 20% of the businesses who make this claim use content marketing effectively. This is good news for businesses on a budget. This means that if they can fine-tune their content marketing strategy, they’ll most likely grow their brand and tremendously increase their revenues. 

Content Marketing

Content marketing isn’t just about slapping up a Facebook fanpage or a twitter account and sending out a few press releases few times a year – people appear to think this is all that’s required. Brands and companies with excellent results are those that have learned how to completely connect with their audience and engage with them frequently. So, how can you do this effectively?

1 – Repurpose Your Content

It’s not just enough to have your content in one format. People are more influenced with multimedia than they are with just texts alone. So, your content arsenal should include news, videos, e-books, free reports, free videos, webinars, podcasts, infographics, case studies, white papers, how-to guides, Q&A posts, photos/images, press releases, articles/blog posts, and PowerPoint slides.

For instance, you can do an article or blog series about a particular topic, have them converted into PowerPoint slides, compiled into a pdf, transcribed into audio, and using whiteboard animation, convert them into video. These you can upload to podcast directories, YouTube and Dailymotion, Slideshare and Docstoc to mention a few. Now, that’s just one piece of content that you have repurposed into multiple formats.

2 – Away with the Shoddy Content

Listen, the world has changed. Sub-par information is no longer acceptable –at least that’s what I want you to know today. Create epic, viral content – content that people will want to bookmark, share across social networks and send to their friends.  Incorporate storytelling into your brand’s content marketing. If you can, get testimonials of how your products have helped make people’s lives better or solved their problems and weave them into your copy. Use them as reference points. Get your audience to participate in Q&A sessions. That’s even easier now, thanks to Google  Hangouts. This makes for an effective strategy because people like brands they can connect with, not some big corporation.

3 – Keep the Message Silly Simple

Here’s something that works all the time –pick something, one thing that you know people need and talk about it, solve it, help people, let your audience come away with the feeling that they either learned something or have some relief about certain things. Admittedly, it’s a lot of work, but it’s work that pays off big time.

4 – Engage More and Choose the Right Medium

Some businesses find it’s easier to get their audience more involved through specific media. Find what works for your particular product or brand. For instance, if you own a floral business, the best content medium for your business would be visuals. That means infographics, images, and videos. Sure, white papers and blog posts will get some engagement. But, people would rather prefer seeing different flower designs, videos of floral arrangements and how they add to the beauty of a home. Then, integrate/render across all relevant content delivery channels like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Keek, Instagram and Youtube.

Bottom line, you want high engagement, high conversions -and content Marketing is more about conversions. It doesn’t matter how many eyeballs you get to your website. If they aren’t converting into leads and buyers, your site might as well be toast.

Content marketing will be around for a while and businesses that get in now will have the early bird advantage. So, take advantage of this and do it right the first time. Have any questions? Need help with your content marketing strategy? Sound off in the comments section.

2 thoughts on “4 Incredibly Effective Content Marketing Techniques”

  1. Truly great advice in this post.

    The best advice I can also give it to write content in a different perspective. Give readers something new to read! Be different from all the other content writers out there and write something that people would definitely remember.

    That is what I believe could improve a business’ marketing strategies.

  2. Some great advice regarding content repurpose! Doing so not only adds depth and diversity for your users but also helps with the way search engines see your website. In quite a few SEO books we’ve read sharing content in the form of videos, pdf files or slides was encouraged. Sadly, few people follow this advice and miss the ‘link juice’!

    Also, by delivering content in other forms than written language you engage your user base more and build authority. You have videos, jokes and interesting florist facts on your website besides those well researched articles? You must know what you’re doing, better share and follow!

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