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Yelp Reviews, Google My Business Tips, Bridal Show Survival, and more!

The Strider team has been helping florists with online sales since 1994. Here’s a look at what we thought was interesting on the internet this week! We hope you think Don’t be an average florist. Get the Essential Bundle from Strider today and grow your brand! Yelp Marketing – What About Those Reviews? Source: …

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How Are Florists Faring with Critical Online Marketing Tactics?

The most common question we get from florists all over is: What do I need to focus on for my online marketing? This is a very legitimate question, as online marketing can cover a really broad set of options, and there are always new channels to consider.

Recently we surveyed florists to find out how they were using and engaging with some elements that we’ve determined to be the most essential. The highlights are presented in the following infographic for your review.

The Value of Content Marketing

With the advent of social media platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn, content marketing has become quite competitive. Marketers are constantly looking for new campaign ideas. With over 27 million pieces of content being shared each day, it’s clear that the possibilities are ever-increasing as new technology emerges. Content marketing shapes the way consumers make …

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Geo-Targeting To Neighborhoods: A Great Way To Win Customers

A lot has been said about Local SEO recently, especially in the form of targeting your keywords to customers searching for florists in local neighborhoods. To make the most of geo-targeting, you need to find that healthy balance between precision and making sure that visitors searching for you aren’t too limited.

Twerking Dog

Your Website Shouldn’t Twerk

Twerk: A provocative dance styling typified by moving one’s behind up and down rapidly; unfortunately popularized by Miley Cyrus; often promises a lot more than what is delivered. Hint: Your website shouldn’t do this!

Spying on your competition

How to Spy on Your Competitors: The Best Tools and Tactics to Use

The average florist simply doesn’t have the time to use cutting-edge marketing techniques to one-up their competition. The common thought is that it’s good enough to simply create a website, spruce up your social media profiles, snag a decent amount of web traffic, and that’s it. While all of that is fine and necessary for …

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The Best Metrics to Use When Measuring Your Blog’s Success

It’s hard to know if your blog is successful if you don’t track and measure its results and failures. It’s like trying to win a race while wearing a blindfold. You won’t be able to take any real steps forward because you won’t be able to see what’s in front of you.

In your blogging strategy, everything needs to be clear. You need to know what’s working and what isn’t. You need to be aware of what can come in the future. You need to be knowledgeable about what happened in the past. You need to know where you’re wasting money. You need to know the areas where you need to spend more money.

A caveat: Blogging isn’t necessarily easy. Success is rarely born from a random accident. The authoritative blogs you see—the ones that are pulling in hundreds of thousands of visitors consistently—have a system in place that tells them what they’re doing right and what they’re doing wrong. They aren’t making choices erratically; most of the decisions they make have reasons behind them. These “reasons” are really goals that they are trying to meet.